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  1. Hi, new to the forums. I am currently doing my first grow. Its a closet setup with 9 23w cfls grown in soil using 2-7-7 nutes. I am on the first day of week three into flower. My main question is are my buds small for this age or is it looking ok? I've put a lot of time into it and am hoping my hard work pays off. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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  2. She looks healthy:wave: Right on track for 3 weeks. Nice Job!
  3. In upcomming weeks youll notice the hairs starting to go back in the calyx and your buds are going to start to swell and smell like weed so patience is neccesary.
  4. Thanks. Ill keep posting with updates. Hopefully turns out good!!
  5. Yeah man lookin nice. Good Job. Got any pics of the whole plant? Id like to see it.
  6. I'm at work right nowl check bak around 2 or so. Ill be home and take some. It stretched a lil more than id like but id say not to bad for my first time
  7. Yeah it looks like you did some research. I used cfl's my first grow on 1 plant 350w total and i got 1.75ozs dried, Yours are lookin way better then mine at this stage. I had her in a 2gallon pot and used LST traing and topped.
  8. Looks right on track!!
  9. Thanks for all the input. Didn't do anytopping ot training on this plant. Just wanted to get a feel for the grow first. Next one I have some plans to try some diffferent things
  10. Looks great. Based on pics I've seen its right on track.

    I'm on my first grow and I'm on week 3 of veg so I'm not thee yet but looks great
  11. Here is a pic of the whole plant. Not the best but the best I can do with my phone. I appreciate all and any input.

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  12. Oh and thanks for the +rep marvajuana
  13. Just noticed trichs starting to pop up out of nowhere. Didn't notice them yesterday. It amazes me how fast these plants can change overnight it seems. Anyways its gettin late and work in the morning. More updates to come

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  14. Just ordered some fem seeds. White widow crossed bith big bud. Comes with a free LA woman! Can't wait for them to get here
  15. Like a hooker?
  16. Lmao nah the strain is a cross between LA confidential and something else. Can't remember right off the top of my head
  17. New update. Plant is now 3 weeks into flower. Starting to see a lot more trichs!!! Its awesome to see the progress they make in such a short time.

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  18. I'm on week 3 of vegging. Can't wait to get to where you are at. Sure looks amazing!!
  19. Thanks JHerrer Fan. Just do your research and I'm sure u will do just fine. I still have some adjustments to make when I do my next grow. But I figure this isn't to bad for my first time. Good luck!
  20. Thanks. I got a couple grow threads goin too. It's my first grow.

    Really fun. Thinking bout goin hydro next.

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