First Grow Plan and a few Questions: Advice Greatly Appreciated

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  1. So folks, I've been doing much research online and am close to beginning my first serious grow indoors. As of now my budget isn't huge, I'm mainly splurging on all of the lights, and I'm only going to be running one grow cycle in my current location before I move out so I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    I've finally decided on a strain, Mandala's Hashberry. I'll be growing out the whole 10 pack that I receive.
    Here's the run down-

    I'll be running a 2 foot, 2 tube fluorescent light to start out my seedlings
    1 Sunleaves Pioneer 8 tube fluorescent fixture and 1 Sunleaves Pioneer 4 tube flourescent fixture for Veg
    (I plan on vegging for 2 months, do you think this will be enough lighting?)
    and finally, 2 600w Adjust-a-wing HPS's for flowering

    I realize it's kind of stupid to run a 2 tube fluorescent when I'll have 2 different fluorescent fixtures, but I'm going to be doing a perpetual harvest once I move out after this grow so I figured fuck it, might as well get it now.Anywho,

    First of all I'd like to say that once I'm moved out I'll be mixing my own soil, but this is what I've settled on:

    Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil
    I'm thinking of adding a little extra something with Sunleaves Mexican Bat Guano
    Plus mixing in a little Sunleaves Jamaican Bat Guano during flowering
    Added Azomite for Trace Elements and Mineral Supplement
    When I transplant the seedlings I'll be sprinkling in some White Widow Mycorrihzal Powder
    and lastly, pumice or perlite (whatever I can find for cheaper)

    Question: What is a good organic cal/mag supplement that I can amend the soil with? Or will the Azomite take care of that?

    I'm going to be using Smart Pots, which is where another question of mine comes in:
    If I'm going to be vegging for 2 months (I expect they'll be rather large), do you think I should use 5 gallon pots or something much bigger?

    I'm trying to do a real easy grow right now
    Water only, maybe an occasional tea to keep the bacterial/fungal population happy.
    So how does it look?
    Any advice/comments would be SUPER DUPER greatly appreciated
    Now, to the bong I go. Just got some Lavender Kush ;D


  2. I would say add some EWC and crab shell meal, and be careful with the guanos. From what I understand (never used it) the Ocean Forest is pretty rich, maybe someone who has used it can tell you more about it.
    As for pot size, a good general guideline is 1gal of pot size for every month of growth. You might want to up this a little when using Smart Pots. Good luck with your grow.
  3. I just want to say I have a friend that uses FFOF and it will burn a small plant. EWC would probably be all I added if anything. The plants veg great with no additives when using FFOF.
  4. Thanks soooo much for the replies

    I'm going to get larger pots, then, just to be safe

    And skip the Mexican Bat Guano (I had also heard that there's not really a need for extra Nitrogen supplement, I just wasn't sure considering I'm going to be vegging for a while)

    I had initially had EWC written down, just forgot to type it out :bongin:

    Thanks again for the replies, I'll definitely be posting a grow journal when everything gets rollin'
  5. Also thinking about getting 10 gallon pots instead.

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