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  1. Hi all,
    I'm in Denver and wanted post pics of my first grow. This is actually the toward the end of the grow. I'm about 34 days into the 12/12 cycle. Tell me what y'all think.

    It's an indoor soil grow with Ocean Forest, worm castings and perlite only. No nutes at all during the grow. I'm using two 150 watt HPS, two 4 bulb 4' T5's over heads and 6 125 Watt 2700k CFL's.

    The strains are:
    Sensi Star
    Acopulco Gold
    Skunk #1
    Bubba Kush
    Panama Red

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  2. I'm reporting this for pornographic material. these lovely ladies made my trousers a bit tighter!
    (the report thing was a joke!)
  3. So they're looking ok? This is my veryvery first attempt. A lot of love and care for these ladies.
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    haha fuck, you should see mine. NOTHING like these. although, mine have another few weeks of veg before I send them into flower. im doing my first grow as well, so I don't know what to expect when they flower. but, yes Adrien Bro-dy, they look gorgeous :)
  5. Thanks kitty. I didn't know what I was doing really. I read a lot and checked these forums but never posted pics until today.
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    I've kind of noticed a little something. when people DON'T interfere with how the weed grows, that always seems to grow the best. hell, I planted one I expected to die out in my grass, and the little guy is still alive! new growth and everything. I'm planning on posting some pictures soon, I just don't know how.
  7. I wish I could say this has been easy, it hasn't. These girls have taken a lot of my time. A couple of hours a night. They've all been on different watering cycles, they all have different life cycles, very picky about their PH too. Wow I have been keeping the PH between 6.8-7.0 so not much of a window. But it looks like it's paying off.
  8. Heading out for a bit, check back later
  9. hello m8 just checked your pics out they look fine just about right for 34 days. some of the leaves are a bit yellow. this could be a number of things not enough light/ maybe needs some bloom nutes or it could be normal for this these strains. but they look healthy enough to me so i wouldnt start playing around until you notice something drastic. your gonna have one hell of a crop of those lot. will keep looking in if thats ok. happy growing.
  10. I'm impressed. The tube CFL that I see in the pics is a good idea. I've been looking at Krusty Bucket grows. He used a light hanging from the ceiling to enhance the buds he was growing. I'm looking into adding side lighting to my grow box so I have extra light to help the plant grow better. I think it will help my over-all crop.
  11. Thanks, the one that is yellowing in my Sensi Star. This has been nute free the entire grow. We topped her soil off last night with some fresh worm castings and ocean forest for a natural boost.
  12. Thanks Charon, yes I put six of them in. I have them pointing upward though for the lower limbs. I have 2 T5 4' 4bulb over head and two 150 HPS on the side. Working good so far. It's surrounded with cardboard boxes with Mylar. I'll be redoing the side walls with 3/4" insulation board and Mylar for the next grow.
  13. They look great!
  14. So this is what I've been smelling...


    Great work!
  15. Thanks MagGray and Rivera. Been a long road but a lot of fun. I can't wait to taste the lovelies.

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