---First Grow---!! Pics of Day 54 Flowering Hindu SKunk

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hibred, May 27, 2009.

  1. So im at day 54 of flowering, getting ready to cut these guys pretty soon, not enough cloudy/amber trichomes yet though... how you guys think they lookin?

    Grown in FFOF in 5 gallon pots, 2 400w hps, vegged for a month and chopped to a foot tall, using nova GH nutes with MOAB

    Im not the best photographer, i can get more pics if youd prefer

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  2. Those plants look great.

    One question though. Why did you chop them to a foot tall ??
  3. DUDE!!!!............all i can say is WOW!. Nice job!

  4. Dude it's in his house... But then again he's prob like five foot something...
    So why not let it grow dude??????
  5. haha im 6 feet with shoes :D

    I only had a single 400w, so i cut the canopy down a little to even it all out and make sure light was distributed equally, but then a buddy let me borrow another 400 so it wasnt really necessary = /

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