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    Hey GC! Well, I decided to start my first grow. So, here is where I am at so far:

    I am using a BS from some decent mids. This is just a practice grow to give it a shot. I went out bought a clay pot, a CFL which gives off 2700 Lumens, and a real ghetto set up. I'm not looking for the best quality or quantity. I just wanna see if I like the process =)

    Anyway, it looks like the seed may be ready in about another hour or two.

    Here are a couple questions that I have:

    Once I plant the seed, is it safe to just leave the CFL on for 24 hours so the sprout doesnt stretch?

    Also, how long should I keep the 24/7 lighting going? And when do I switch to a lighting schedule (I still need to purchase a timer), what is the best hours to use for vegging, and the best for flowering?

    I will be updating this post a lot =) so any help is appreciated!


    9/16 - Planted one germinated seed at 10am.
  2. what's the spectrum for your cfl?
  3. i'm really not sure =/ but i think it'll be good. i just want my seeds to finally finish germinating. they are starting to split, and i can see the root tip inside, just WAITING to come out lol.

    ill update more when something happens. I know i should let nature go, but im just too excited =P
  4. Well, the seeds have germinated. I planted one of them about an inch down into the pot. Once the sprout breaks ground I'll take some pics =)

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