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  1. My plants have been growing 12/12 from seed for 5 weeks now and there looking great, the plant on the left has visible pistils all over it in about 10 spots now, so next watering my going start using my bloom nutes on it, and my second plant on the right Ive only seen about 5 or 6 pistils :( so ill just have to wait that one out, lemme know what you guys think! ill post more pics soon....:wave:

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  2. Looks really healthy. What lighting do you have? If its only two bulbs id kick it up if you can
  3. Two 23w cfl's, I have a third one i can put in but the temp gets too high in there with it
  4. If you want the buds to bulk up youll probably need more light.

    Can you replace the 23 watters with something higher? So you still have 2 bulbs and about the same heat but more watts/lumens?

    Other than looking a little short, they look great! :) (I know you tied em down it looks like, but for 5 weeks still pretty short)
  5. problem is that anything bigger the 23 doesn't fit in the box, if I could get the temp down id put the 3rd light back in, and thanks they do look alittle short but they'll bulk up soon I hope
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    Sorry for use your topic but which one is better (for pc grown)? 2/3x 23w ~2500K or 1x 55w 5000K?
  7. id go with the 2 23w, but if you have the space for a 55 go for it, how many plants you plan to grow?
  8. Where did you get that grow box? Or did you make it yourself?
  9. I made it myself
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    the plants are looking nice, started using the bloom nutes and I can already tell its doing work lol. Bad news tho I cracked the top of the main branch when I was doing some LST work:eek:, I wrapped it with black electrical tape and im praying it recovers.

    And note to self, only grow 1 plant in this box next time lol

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    Dont panic all youve done is mistakenly Super Cropped it.

    It WILL recover and be fine :hello:
  12. looking good! can't wait to see how much you pull from the harvest.

  13. lol I hope so, even with electrical tape on it
  14. so my plant survived me cracking the main branch by accident (thank god:)) and looking well, just counting down the weeks till it comes time to harvest, here's a pic

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