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  1. Germenated the seed on May 1st, Planted on May 4th. Used mircle grow soil . under the good old sun. here are some pictures


  2. welcome to the 'city, just wanted to add a little input on your grow. Progress seems a little slow for a grow that has been going on for a couple weeks, but the plant looks good job!

    Just wondering, does the pot (looks like a child's sand bucket) have holes punched in the bottom? if not, you need to do so, or the roots will rot out because excess water can not drain and will pool up at the bottom.

    Miracle grow is a BIG no no.. you should NEVER use time-released or pre-nutrient enriched soil when you are growing marijuana, you need to rememeber that we try and control ALL aspects of growing the plant and nutrient feeding and "availibility" is no exception. i would recomend transplanting the plant into another pot with a soil composition of 3 parts African Violet Soil (6 dollars for a decent size bag at wal-mart :) -- nutrient "free" 0.02-0.01-0.01) --this is the soil i have had the best luck with-- and 1 part Perlite (availible at walmart as well).... Mix that soil VERY well and transplant your little plant into that new soil...this will prevent neutrient burns from Miracle Grow's composition...

    Regards, keep me informed on status, i will be tracking your grow.

    Good Luck :)

  3. yup its a child pal but a it works.. yes i drilled holes on the bottom.. thx for the information ill go down to walmart today to check that out
  4. What could the reason be for slow growing
  5. my babies that are growing outside develop at the same rate . dont forgot they grow slower then indoors but once they're bushing out .. :D
  6. cool so its growing fine for outdoors.. how long tell uthink the flowering stage comes
  7. growing outdoors? you will flower in late auguest early september and it will flower till about October when you will do your final cuts. As previously mentioned...they grow A LOT slower outdoors... a "normal" indoor grow can be turned over in 90ish days... 50-60 veg (depending on size/method) and 30 flower...

    You are going to be waiting an awful long time for that little guy to flower outdoors, and if turns out to be a male, all that time becomes a waste.

  8. alright thx well i hope it aint a male
  9. should i use filtered water or water hose water ,, ,ive been usin hose water
  10. my plant looks like that stretch or just normal plant growth?
  11. Sorry bout not postn internets been gay ...... The plant really hasnt grown alot but a little ive transplanted it into the ground with new soil i thoguht i had put it in shock from transporting but i saw the plant today and its grown ... its a slow grower hope it starts growin faster
  12. one more thing i noticed today at the top of the stem where its growing with the leaves the stem is turning dark wat can it be???
  13. If it's going soft and a dark red-ish color, then you're probably overwatering and it's rotting. Otherwise, it is probably just hardening up... They turn a brown color in spots that touch soil as they get big and harden up. Bury the stem with soil up to the first round leaves and it will put out roots all the way up the stem up until the top of the soil. :]

    edit: you actually may want to just bury it up to the first set of true leaves, as it looks like your plant is stretching for light an awfully lot. Try to get it more light, bro.
  14. yah i did that when i transport it (buried to first true leaves) over watering mite be it i water it every other day ... that to much?? it was starving for sun at one time because one of my friends put it in the wrong place and i didnt realize until i watered next ... but now its in the ground and has sunlight

    edit- its not where the stem is coming out of the grounds its at the top were the new leaves are growing so the top of the main stem
  15. Hmm, got a pic? Gently touch it... does it seem softer than normal? Is it a redish brown color it's turning to? Those seem to be the signs of stem rot usually, but if it's only at the top of your stem then I don't think it could be rot... because if it were it would be all the way up the whole stem. Put up a pic so we can check it out just to make sure nothing's wrong. :)
  16. heres the plant now at a month and 4 days it went into shock for ahwile when i transplanted it into the ground but the last 2 days ive seen it growing quckily everything looks healthy besides the few really small brown flakes in the leaves which is nothin bad here some pics... sorry for the low quality pictures had to use the camera phone not the digi camera.. wat do u think

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  17. hmmm no ones been postin wats up????? :confused:
  18. looks like its going fine to me. mine are 4 weeks old and are just a little bit further along than that. i have 15 all growing at different rates. they always grow much slower outside anyway because inside you can increase the lengh of daytime with lights!

    finally ive found another outdoor grow in this forum, and also we've planted at roughly the same time. i planted on the 10th and you on the 6th i think you said. i'll be keeping an eye on this thread:)

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