first grow outdoor how much longer till harvest

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    this is the first time ive tried growing, i just planted a cpl seeds in my garden, that i had from a bag a cpl yrs back that i had stashed, and i got lucky, shes now taller than i am, and a few weeks into budding, just starting to get crystal, but i have no idea how much longer its gonna be till i can harvest, im in the thompson okanagan in bc, canada,its the begining of oct(planted her in mid april ,its getting pretty chilly but i think we have a few more weeks till first frost, any help at all would be great like i said, this is my first time ever trying to grow, i dont even know what kind this is, if u can tell me that would be great. thanks

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  2. Depends on when the trichomes start turning amber. I'd guess at least 3-4 more weeks from the pics.
  3. thanks, so much, but if i want more of a high then shouldnt i harvest when the tri's are milkey, or clear? i dont want to be glued to the couch, lol i like more of a high, so i can get shit done when i'm stoned, because i'm always stoned lol, so i was under the impression i wanna harvest before the tri's go amber, how long will it take till i can harvest if thats what i'm lookin for, and will it die if it frosts before its done budding?
  4. any and all help would be very much appreciated, like i said before this is my very first time growing
  5. can anyone tell me what kind this is???
  6. from those pictures it looks like you have atleast 3 to 4 weeks left. You want to harvest when the hairs start to turn amber color not the trichomes. Im from oregon and the seasons are different but my outdoor harvest is just days away from being finished. Your plant is well in size it should have some big colas by the end.
  7. start testing your buds in a couple weeks and when your happy with the high thats when you harvest.I think your leaves should be dying off a bit first :smoke:
  8. make sure you get a microscope to look at the trichs, its the only way to know your current level of potentcy.

    i made the mistake last year of just waiting for the hairs to turn orange and it was waaaay too early. it was a headrush high that lasted maybe 25-30 minutes tops.

    be patient if the weather permits.

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