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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forums and am a first time grower. I've been doing my research, looking at a lot of stickies and guides as to how to start off a grow. I have pics of my plant at day 9 and something just doesn't look right about it. It is an experimental bagseed grow from a bag of pretty good middies (oxymoron).

    Here's my setup:
    1. 2 26w cfl's at 6500k for veg
    2. Mylar coated walls, floor, ceiling
    3. MG Organic Potting Mix (all I could find)
    4. Bottled Water for watering
    5. 80mm fan on top for exhaust and passive intake hole near bottom

    I'm gonna go get 2700k for flowering. I also have veg nutrients but haven't used them yet. I'm on 24/0 light cycle. This is a stealth mini grow approx 16''W x 20''H x 16'' D. I plan on lst'ing the plant. Please provide any help or comments.


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  2. ive had this happen to me with some cheese seeds looking all disabled but mine kinda grown out of it now and just a few leaves look funny but im 2/3 weeks away from chop chop and its all good n stinks so i say just carry on as u are :)
  3. Alright amigo, thanks for the advice
  4. Way to much nitrogen in your nutrient recipe or the plant is just messed up to start with!
  5. Yeah, I would say that your plant is not ready for something in your medium. Dr.'s diagnosis is prolly right about the N levels. Could be pH (?) with all the mottling in those leaves. As long as they're green I find that they'll grow, so... keep on.
  6. Dr green, thanks for the nitrogen suggestion, but I started with organic soil that only has .1% N in it so it might just be the plant. It's still growing though :hello:
    and heres some pics at day 13. lots of leaves, just not too tall. I just transplanted my baby yesterday, so shes probably in a bit of shock still.

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  7. snip those shitty leaves off, just stealing nutrients from the plant
  8. Looks like whatever it was worked itself out. :cool:
  9. dont worry about odd leave shape one of my bublicious had this at the very start too and it came up fine just wait till the second set of leaves and they shud be fine:)
    i was worried too
  10. I had an OG x AK hybrid strain that looked weird as fuck like that through its entire growth.. didnt even really look like pot lol. I grow bout 8 diff strains at a time and I've never seen anything like that before... everything was perfect.. it was just a freak. I cloned the plant and its clones grew up that way too.
  11. wow thats incredible
    and how long till the end did it keep lookin unusual?
    how did they smoke?
  12. It had these fucked up lil swirly leaves... looked like tortellini pasta lol, the only leaves that resembled actual marijuana were only sets of 3, was like that from veg to harvest, it turned out dank too was top shelf smoke. I called it alien weed haha
  13. haha nice:p
    well at least it turned out well:)
    i was realy worried when i noticed the weird shaped leaves feel better now tho:)
  14. Believe me so was I, I had just gotten 8 new clones to add to my collection and that one just looked poopy weird... and continued that way, i thought He gave me a shutty one on purpose I was all pissed haha.
  15. i would probably have already been screaming down the fone by then:p
    the site i bought mine off is very decent great at contacting and responding so not a bad word to be said but i was worried about the seed espically coz it looked a lil smaller than normal
  16. sweet wud much prefer that!!
    how are things shapin up there with prop 17?
    any thoughts on how itll go?
  17. I think you need more that 52 watts for one plant, especially using clfs.
  18. ive heard about 100w per plant?
    sound rite?
  19. 100w is the min. but you the more you go bigger the more you will yield, but just make sure with alot if lights you keep that temp down.

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