First Grow...Nut deficiency or burning?? Help!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bahbah, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Not sure what is happening to my plant. I just put up the mylar up yesterday
    and it seem to be have a ill effect on one of my plants...or could it be lack of nutes? Only happening to this one plant.

    What do you think??? Leaves on top look burnt and the rest of the lower leaves are drooping.

  2. Besides for being a little droopy I don't see any problem. When was the last time you fed her.
  3. Just looks a little dry. What are your temps and RH?
  4. The sides of your leaves pulling upward as seen in your first two photos is an indication of heat stress. What are your temps at? Try moving the light farther away, or get better ventilation if you can.
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    its burnt i had exactly the same problem, move the light or plants further away and they heal up in a few days or a week to look healthy again

    look at the bottom leaves they not burnt and look healthy thats how your top leaves should look but they dont thats because the tops are closer to the light than the bottom leaf if your like me and on a low budget you wont have all the stuff that a rich man has fans extractors and what not ppl that tell you to put them 18inch away like i got told is probably rich and has all the propper cooling equipment people like me and possible you dont have this so we gotta do what we are able to try ajusting to at least 20inches away but im 24iinches and my plants have healed pretty quick

    EDIT 2:
    i also notice you got tin foil padded out in there normally that would be ok but if you not got all the fans n pipes then tin foils a bad idea your keeping the heat in and effectivly cooking your plants try painting your walls with white paint it helps reflect the light and prevents overheating temps should be 70-80

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