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First Grow/Northwest Indiana

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by moserdog, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. So im planning to start my first grow near the end of march in a forrested area where theres gonna be no trouble.Here are some questions

    1.When should i expect my plants to flower/and how do i determine if a plant is flowering.
    2.when should i dry the flowers and how do i do that and for how long?

    3.Should i keep the plant in a bucket with potting soil?Or should i translplant it into the woods soil?From google images the area looks green and the trees dont look dead.
  2. how close are you to the michigan border?
  3. probably a good 45 min away...i live in highland indiana which is closer to chicago, but me and my friends have driven up to new buffalo michigan and that usually takes between 40-55 min depending on traffic

  4. 1. Your plants will flower whenever the daylength is reduced to the point that the plant senses its season is ending and it needs to reproduce. For most indica containing plants, thats around 14.5 hours. The strain you choose will be important. If you choose something like "early girl" then it will finish late sept. If you choose a late flowering plant, you could have problems.

    2. After theyve fully flowered and the buds are hard. They can dry in a few days to a week or more. Depends on temps

    3. In ground is usuallly better even if you replace the soil. The soil temp of a pot can mimic air temps and can require much more watering. After months of watering, soil in outdoor containers can be leached of nutes.

    good luck
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    Bro im also from north west indiana about an hour from chicago, I buy everything from the hydro shop in new buffalo, has everything you need.

    I would buy ff happy frog, some wormcastings, and some perlite and prep your holes with it at least 2 weeks before you transplant. I used earth juice grow, bloom, catalyst, and maxicrop soluable seaweed in my past outdoor grows. I had great results using this last year and its organic.

    I dont put them outdoors until early to mid may, before that its too cold but I think were getting an early spring this year. They will start budding late july early august depending on strain. Use neem oil as an insecticide, trust me on this here bugs are bad and they eat.
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    Dude I know this is old but you have to be shitting me, I also live in the same city where you do and I'm growing outdoors... Lol

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