First Grow, need some advice.

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  1. I've been reading these forums for awhile now and have decided I'd like to start growing. I plan on using Rumpleforeskin's amazing guide on building a bubble bucket found here Thank you Mr. Foreskin. I plan on building two systems so i can alternate flowering stages and have a semi consistent harvest, my questions are as follows: What sort of lights should i use for this size grow, where can i find what/how much of the fertilizers I'll need, and also I'm assuming this should be done inside some kind of grow box, so how much space do you think I'll need? I really want to get all this stuff out of the way before I jump headfirst into it and ruin a potentially awesome experience. So what does everybody think? Any advice is welcome and appreciated.
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  3. as far as the ferts go, get fox farm, you can follow the fox farm nute feeding schedule, and estimate about how much u may need then buy it, i stick mainly to organic so i cant provide any other information. sorry
  4. Ask Rumple
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    well your on to a good start with the alternating boxes...

    go to youtube, watch Mr.greenthumbs 1-9 videos like 6mins each..well worth it.

    1000w cover 4by4, so make a 6by6 box OR a 600w cover 3by3, so make a 5by5 box.
    not sure the coverage on 400w, i use 1000w only?? personally id do 2 boxes with 600w in each. frame the boxes out of 2x4's and cover in panda film or black/white poly(same thing)...get 2/3 fans for each to move air inside them....air cooled hoods keep rooms/boxes cooler and you could hook up the duct from one to another....exhaust fan(s) your buckets....

    and nutrients a 4l jug of each should be more than enough..... need a therm/hygrometers for each room. and for nutes you should get a tds meter(measure strength of nutes) and a ph meter aswell....
  6. Thanks everybody for the replies, looks like It's gonna be a little while before this get's going, gonna have to start saving my pennies i didn't realize how pricey this would get, good thing i asked before i started buying stuff.

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