First Grow. need quick advise

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  1. I planted these early May in pots with generic potting soil. Watered from germination with strictly water, no fertilizer. Until a couple weeks ago, started watering with Miracle Grow mix in water plant food. Theyve been growing great the whole time, and are now 4-5 feet tall in pots sitting in 3 inches of water in the creek bed (3 plants)
    Ones starting to grow seeds- Is this a male?
    The other two are started to sprout little white pistils up top.
    - im guessing these are the start of my buds and both these plants are females.

    Will i rot the roots by leaving the bottom of the pots in the water? should i change water/fertilization now that they are starting to bud?

    How long will it take until i should pic the mature buds? Im in nor cal valley where theres plenty of sun and heat.

    Im hoping i can hurry these up as the parentals and choppers are closing in on the backyard.
  2. The plants will droop ususally before the roots rot. I would defiantly elevate them.

    Got any pictures? How much soil you using. If you are worried about watering you can get wicks for them.
  3. i propped them up on rocks a few inches theres 3 plants

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  4. you better kill that male unless you want seeds
  5. I wouldnt mind seeds. Why not just let it grow?
  6. its ok to let it grow as long as it's away from the females, i believe the pollen can travel up to 1/2 a mile could be more not sure, and you don't get no bud off a male so i'd move that if you wanna keep it, other than that nice grow man, good luck.
  7. ah shoot. i never knew that...
    what happens if the females get the pollen?
    this is defiantly a newbie grow.
    thanks guys
  8. i chopped the male. picked all the leaves and seeds even though theyre immature. Is there anything i need to do to the seeds?

    Are the leaves good for anything?

    Anything i should change for the females? Plant food every other day currently
  9. those things on the male are pollen pods, not seeds. when they mature, they will spread their pollen onto the female buds, which will then form seeds. Males = pollen pods, females=buds, pollenated females=buds with seeds. just let the whole male plant dry inside, away from sunlight then grind him up and follow one of the recepes on this forum to make hash oil. nice female. good luck
  10. Anything i should change for the females? Plant food every other day currently. since the pots are barely touching water, they seem to be sipping and staying moist.
  11. Please stop using the miracle grow, you're really not doing your precious herb plants any favors by using that stuff. I'd water 3 times and on the 3rd watering mix 1 1/2 ounce hydrogen peroxide to 3 gallons of water and water with that. Get yourself some sea kelp plant food like Maxicrop, which is the relatively cheaper of many of the sea kelp derived plant foods on the market. Also get a product that is high in phosphorus to encourage good bud set and swollen buds. Atami B'Cuzz bloom stimulator works very well and is derived of two types of sea kelp and other plant oils, which increase the plants metabolic rate. I'd encourage you to buy some liquid calcium like Bountiful-Harvest's SuperCal which can be found here for pretty cheap.

    do some searching around for plant stores or online plant stores that you can order kick ass nutrients from.

    Egg shells soaked in water with a bit of apple cidar vinegar works really good for making your own calcium brew.

    Good luck and happy gardening!

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