First Grow, Lookin Good

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by captainobvious, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. My friend's dad has been growing his own shit since the 70's, so he had all of this leftover stuff that is working great. I moved into a new place and i found this spot and just thought it would be perfect to grow. He gave me 3 seeds of Sensi Star which are the seeds from his 6-year old mother strain. Also, he had stored some seeds from Amsterdam of Kali Mist and Flo and he gave me about 5 or 6 of each of those. I also threw in some random bag seed from good stuff that my friends and i had smoked over the years, like Northern Lights and Sour D but I don't think those will matter when I harvest the Sensi haha

    So i'll be posting some pix soon! I have 17 now, they were transplanted into 6-inch pots about 10 days ago and i think i'm going to have a good batch of females. BTW my boy's dad gave me a light, a bail of his fav. soil, and the Medical Grow Bible by Jorge Cervantes. I've been reading a lot. Anyway, I'm most excited about the Sensi Star. The 3 plants all look female, and two of them are staying short but keeping some good traits like long skinny sativa leaves, but they're so rich in dark green color like a crazy indica look. However, the third kid is the same height but with way more nodes and the HUGE FAT fan leaves are kept close to the stalk. This one also is starting to develop a woody base, so i was thinking that this Sensi Star is going to have some killer Afghani traits. Am i right? I'm new at this.

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