First Grow Journal: CFL & HPS Setup

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  1. Hey there GC,

    This is my first grow journal and my second growth. First one was a %100 250W HPS growth from bagseed and the yield was shit.

    So i ordered:

    - Nirvana Super Skunk
    - Nirvana Chrystal
    - Barney's Farm LSD
    - Dinafem Blue Hash (freebie:p)

    But screwing up my first grow attempt, i was scared to throw these ladies into my new setup. So i started with some bagseed to test my setup first.

    Currently i got 8 plants in there. 2 are the survivors of this post:

    Seedlings dying need help with diagnosing

    - My veg chamber is a 1.5' x 2.5' x 2.5' cabinet.
    - i got 2 x bathroom fans for exhaust and passive intake.
    - Lighting = 5 x 42W CFLS running 24/0 (shall i switch to 18/6 ?)
    - Temps = 73-88 F Humidity = %28 - %43
    - Using HESI COCO for nutrition, using 1/2 of the recommended quantities (pH of the waterings are set to 6.0 thanks to Pastivity who helped me with diagnosing my problem)

    OK. Here are some pics of my setup and the seedlings:


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  2. Day 10 (from seed)

    Potted up into 4 Liters pots. They'll be their home until i transplant them into 8 L ones a week before going to 12/12 at flowering chamber.

    Until now i topped one and fimmed another , remaining 6 are untoucehed. (at least i tried, not sure i succeeded)

    In the first picture the ones in small 0.5 L pots are the survivors (i like to call them this way :D)

    Here we go:


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  3. Day 13 (from seed)

    Thin i coulnd't succeed in fimming because all i have seen so far is regularly growing damaged leaves (like cut tips :( )

    Also i topped one of the survivors and LST'ed the other. And also started to LST one of the new guys.

    Is it early for that job?

    I feel like they are growing rather slowly. They look healthy though. Thats encouraging for me, soon i may feel like throwing Dinafem Blue Hash in.


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  4. and the survivors :D


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  5. They don't seem to be growing for 2 days now. I don't know if i have stunted them for some reason :( They look healty but it's like 2 hours past not 2 days. Is it the lighting may be?
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    Hmm kinda hard to determine what could be causing this problem, if it is a problem, for you as far as visible growth

    What is the distance from the top of the plants to the light?
    Do you feel any heat or are the bulbs hot to the touch? If not maybe you can lower a bit more

    At 2 weeks, what have you done so far to the soil
    Have you been watering every other day or what kind of feeding schedule do you have if you have one ;) (Mine varies)

    As far as LST goes you can really begin early in the plant's life given you do not over do it (causing the stem to look like a 7 may be over doing it)

    Keep it up :hello:

    Edit: Another things I do like about soil/coco grows are the fact that you can't take a look at your roots to see how healthy they are and stuff

  7. yup there is growth but like i said very very slow. Grow medium is %50 coco - %30 perlite - %15 vermiculite - %5 leonardite - 1 tspn of dolomite lime.

    I am using 1/2 of the recommended HESI COCO nutrients by watering them with 250 mL of nutrient added water (pH at 6) every other day.

    My 45 watters are hot. I can touch them but for a limited time, i can't stand it after 6-7 seconds. But at seed level it generally doesn't exceed 85 F limit (varying around 75-85) plants are like 4-5" away from ligthts. And any closer will be hotter for them and i don't want them to additionally get stressed by heat.
  8. Do you have a way to lower the temps by any degrees under 85*F?
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    It's not 85 F all the time. That's the max value that can be seen during mid day for a few hours when ambient temp itself is around 75 F. So the temps inside varies in a range of 75-85 according to the ambient temp. Only way i can drop temps at plant level is to set a fan blowing directly on them. And i tried that. While it's dropping temps it also drops humidity to %20 and causing windburn at plants :( i am kinda feeling helpless here. while i try to correct something i screw something else up.
  10. Day 17 (from seed)

    A little update...

    It amazes me how they caught up with the survivors and even look better and more mature than them. Those survivors should really have been shocked and stunted badly, lol.

    Dude 1 (LST'ed)

    Dude 2 (LST'ed)

    Dude 3 (Fail FIM'ed)

    Dude 4

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  11. have you planted the blue hash yet? i was hoping you had so i could see how yours looks compared to mine....i have 2 growing right now
  12. continues...

    Dude 5

    Dude 6

    And the survivors... :)

    Survivor 1 (LST'ed)

    Survivor 2 (Topped)

    Group Pictures (from front left to front right(2-1-3) rear right to left(4-5-6) in order

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    Na i am gonna wait a week or two then i'll transfer these ones to my flowering chamber under 250W HPS but still keeping them in veg and then germinate the feminized seeds and start them in this chamber since things seems to have been stabilized.

    EDIT: And by the way i am following ur thread too as to be a guide for my blue hash. ur doing great!
  14. Day 20 (from seed)

    A little update...

    *** I have pulled the survivors out. Since one of them turned out to be a male. He showed balls, yeah, that early :eek: (here is the thread to it -> Early Little Male )

    *** LST'ed them all.

    *** Lowered the lights a bit, so they are recieving light better and more uniformly than before.

    Fingers crossed :smoke:


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  15. Looking good my man keep up the good work.
  16. Day 27 (from seed)

    Here is an update of my somehow slow grow (or i think it is)

    Keeping them LST'ed. I am at of the edge of pots now and started to train sideways forming a square around the edge. But leaves that are in contact with the pot material seems to be deforming. Is this normal?

    Stems started to turn to purple in color and one of them have yellow to brown color at tips of fan leaves. I haven't been on a loaded nutrient schedule and were only using 1/2 of the recommended dosage. Even though it looks to me like either a slight nute burn or Mg deficiency, i don't believe it's neither of them. I have also lime added to coco and they aren't supposed to show Mg deficieny this early. But i may be wrong and awaiting your comments on this.


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    Day 34 (from seed)

    Cheers GC. Weekly update time :wave:

    They are stubborn and don't perform well enough to LST, not as i expected. They are fine though. At least they are all green :D


    Male detected :eek:


    Male has been successfully disposed of :wave:

    They are now five. Four of them already showed preflowers and was confirmed they are females. i hope the last one turns out to be a female also.

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  18. Hey there GC community,

    I have started doing a few modifications on my flowering chamber and getting it ready for flowering since i am planning to put these girls under the long awaited 12/12 in the next two weeks. And then finally plant Dinafem Blue Hash, Nirvana Seeds Chrystal, Nirvana Seeds Skunk #1 and Barney's Farm LSD in the vegging chamber.

    I have bought S & P Silent TD 160 fan and 2 x 6" ventilators to circulate the air inside and hopefully drop temperatures at canopy level by blowing air between canopy and HPS. Also cleaning and disinfecting the chamber. By the way i also bought a bottle of neem oil.

    That's all for now. Gonna keep this updated even though noone seems to be interested at all lol.
  19. Im waiting to see how the blue hash does for you. I have two and i hate them. Been nothing but headaches and attempted two clones so i could start over with the strain but even the clones had too many problems to make them worth it. So Im definitely interested.

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