First grow, is it time to flush? ...a few photos to look at.

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  1. Im on my first grow in small closet and the girls are close to needing a flush.  It's day 57 of a White Rhino / Blackberry Kush cross and so I was hoping to get a consensus on if it was time to pull the trigger.  Im starting to see some amber and thought if I flushed for 5-7 days by the end they would be done.  What do you all think?  The first pic is as close as I can get.  
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  2. These looked a lot better at full res I must admit!
  3. I don't get the question and the pictures. From my research I've gathered that you simply should flush your rez several times during the grow and then one final time for the last 2 weeks of the grow to take the nute taste out of the bud. I forget what builds up... iron maybe? But flushing can't hurt anything. Just bring your ppm back up to your desired level when you've refilled.
    < - Non professional aka 1st time grower.
  4. Ah, Sorry, I should have explained better what I was asking.   The first photo is as close to the trichomes as I can get.  If you look close you can see Im starting to get some amber in there, I was wondering if that was enough to flush the nutrients and switch to pure RO?  I was planning on using Flora Kleen for a 2-3 days, then 2-3 more of just water.  
    Im guessing the thrichomes will continue to amber while flushing so I didnt want to wait too long to start the flush and over do them.
    If you download the full res photos you can zoom in pretty good to see the color.  

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