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  1. This is the first time my room mates and I have attempted to grow. We are all medical patients and we are looking for input from experienced growers. We are 3 weeks and 1 day into flowering. I've posted a couple pics of my grow and would love to hear from you guys (or gals) on any tips and or things I could change or do better. Thanks, information and specs are below:

    3 - 400 watt HPS
    1- A/c mobile unit (for temp control)
    1 - 26 in oscillating fan
    1 - 24 in box fan

    All plants are potted in 7 gal pots (fox farm ocean soil)
    12 plants in total
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. very nice just make your rows nice n neat for best coverage of light
    Place a fan inbetween the 2 rows so it moves the stale air under the branches.
    Other than that your plants look beautiful, your gonna have a fat harvest :bongin:
  3. I will do that for sure. I was also wondering how to tell if your nuting too hard based on the buds. (Don't know f that makes sense or not) but can the buds show nute burn like the leaves?

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  4. Leaves talk,
    but in the last couple of weeks its possible to fry your buds by feeding too hard.
    just go safe i like to think of my plants as bodybuilding.
    food for sets.
    you gotta progress slowly, sometimes you're too tired to work out(just water)
    then you get hungry again(nutes) and wanna pump them muscles
    the next training your still feeling contracted from the last time so you up your weights more(more nutes)
    then rest day again(water)
    i dont know if that made any sense. :bongin: :bongin:
    remember to check you plants later in the flowering stage for mold, not a huge deal, can be spotted by pinching the buds down and making sure its all crystally green in there
  5. Love the information. Thank you. It makes sense. I was trying to go by a feeding schedule and noticed minor nute burn early on in flowering. So I tried to start "giving her what she needs when she needs it." It's hard to tell especially first time.

    But what you said makes sense in a metaphorical form.

    I am keeping my humidity right at 47% all the time. Will that ensure I don't get mold if I keep the air circulation in check?

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    Actually 47-49% today.

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  6. Ive had humidity at 90% in flowering with good airflow above the soil.
    You will be fine with those numbers like you said keep the a.c. going.

    Since you have 3 400w check out stadium grows, building a couple benches, to get plants with both huge upper colas and lower ones.

    It looks like your growing a sativa strain, id pluck some of the bigger leaves that block out light from lower colas.

    Usually i will cut off the fan leaves on week 1-3(flowering) for the sites that have enough foliage to support itself
    My usual result is a doubling in size of buds in a week.
    you can repeat this twice in a week but never shed more than 1/4 of the plant in one sitting.
    never remove the 2 topmost fan leaves.

    Some might say its not good to cut leaves in flowering, but with sativas, i get atleast 20% bigger buds by plucking vs not plucking
  7. remember the soil has nutes,
    most have enough nutes for seeds for the first 3 weeks.
    Clones you can start feeding after the first week

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