First Grow in my garage attic.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Im on my first grow and figured Id start a grow journal so ya'll can help me out. Ive got 4 seedlings, one OG Kush strain and the others are from M4. I started my OG Kush seed about 2 and a half weeks ago and the others about a week later. I have a bit of a ghetto rigged set up, because I used what I could find in my garage to build my little grow box. I currently have one 65 watt cfl that gives off about 4500 lumens, as well as 2 25 watt cfls. I also have a fan thats running 24/7 but I have a tight setup and haven't purchased an adequate fan yet. Ill attach some pics here in a minute. I have all seedlings in Happy Frog soil. The OG Kush seedling is in a 5 gallon bucket and the others are still in party cups but Im about to transplant them into pots. I also am getting mylar in the next few days.
    Let me know what you think.

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  2. Its difficult to keep the temps up at night time. I also havent been able to get my humidity to stay between 40 to 50%. I plan on purchasing a small space heater for night time.
    Any advice on how to regulate these temps?
  3. Any takers at ALL??
  4. get a timer for yur heater
  5. Ya I have a timer that I was using for my lights, but I switched them to 24/0 so I can use that for when I get my heater
  6. if you suspend to heatlamps like 3-4 feet above it might keep a consistant heat. it might burn the plants tho. but if you have a fan running all the time that should work
  7. I have heat lamps that I used to use for reptiles, would these work? They get pretty hot, keeping the area around the bulb at over 90...
  8. I have no idea that's why I said keep them far away. Test it out see how it works

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