First Grow How Am I Doing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ZoidbergTobias, May 10, 2011.

  1. Photo Album - Imgur (album link)
    In order;

    1. All 4 Plants
    2. Exodus Cheese
    3. Auto Big Bang
    4. White Widow #1
    5. White Widow #2 (The fan fell on this plant at one point and now it looks kind of messed)
    6. Light Set Up (2 25W 6500K on the sides), 1 105W 6500k, 1 105W 2700k. (I wanted 2 105w 6500k's but one broke and I didn't feel like buying another). Lights are on 20/4, is that better or worse then 18/6 or 24/0?
    I think some of the bottom leaves got burned by the two 25W lights (I used to have them on the ground right next to the plants.
    So how am I doing any recommendations? Should I start feeding them fertilizer now? Should I lower some lights?
  2. wait you use the 2700k and 6500k at the same time? Is that ok to do? I thought 6500 was for vegging and 2700 was for flowering.

    And just put em at 24/0 dude. That whole "the plants need rest" thing is a myth. I know people who do like 10 pound grows that just have monsters and they do it quick with the 24/0 system. You'll def veg faster. 20/4 is def better than 18/6 though, if that's your only option due to a sketchy state/not being legal and if you're afraid your electric company will report shit (which they won't....that like never happens, you're not using enough power for it to).

  3. Its called mixed light...

    works fine.
  4. look into topping and LSTing. It will double your yield. Plants at that age. Looks nice though
  5. I lowered the lights and tried LST (did I do it right)?
    Does this look better or worse.
    Photo Album - Imgur
  6. that looks good to me. as long as it is bent and not cracked i think your in the clear. mine are not even that close to that size and i started training already. thats a good looking setup.

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