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  1. My seedling is growing inside of a solo up and it's 20 days old. All was well until week 2, when I panicked and transplanted it into a new cup with around 20 percent Perlite and 80 percent Sta Green Potting Mix. As a result of this, my plants first set of true leaves died, and I was still unable to get any runoff when watering, even after pouring as much water as I could without causing puddling and a muddy mess. (Not cotyledons) After the transplant, I also decided to switch from 2 45w 6500k CFLs (6'' away) to 1 45w (4" away) , due to signs of heat stress and my temp ranging from mid 80s to low 90s in my 2x3x5 growing space (Not using all space) Now my hygrometer reads 30-40% RH and 80-85 degrees, which seems to work with the help of the bag, but I notice that the plants growth has slowed in general, and clearly doesn't look healthy. P.S last thing I'd like to add is that I used the incorrect water as well :frown:..but I have corrected the ppm and pH. though I learned my lesson, and will wait wait for advice before I proceed in torturing the poor thing any further. If you folks could offer me some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. :thankyou:
    IMG_0682[1].JPG -Before transplant IMG_0684[1].JPG -Day after transplant IMG_0687[1].JPG -Day 19
  2. What did you transplant into? It looks like the same solo cup in all three pictures. How may drain holes do you have in the cup? Obviously if you're not getting run off, you're soil is way too dense and not allowing drainage - that's a problem.
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    Yes, they are the same exact cup size , but the one has perlite and the other had none. I basically just poked more holes and mixed some perlite in for no reason, bc I half assed it , my question right now is would it be safe to move to another cup or small pot, adding more perlite, and getting some nice water in there? I'm sorry if I confused you..I didn't necessarily "transplant" per se I more re planted, as I knew I needed far more drainage.
    EDIT: and to answer the question as for how many holes..I basically just riddled the whole bottom with small holes about 2mm big, and it still didn't seem to do the trick.
  4. How did you transplant into the same size cup and still add perlite?
  5. For starters take the bag off the top. At this point the plant doesnt need high humidty.

    Next if your going to transplant ever in the furture make sure its into a bigger pot. No point in transplanting into the same pot. Kill 2 birds one stone.

    With mine i usally transplant after 3/4 weeks from solo cups to their final destination
  6. Ahhhh thank you soo much for that bit of info I was wondering if the bag was gonna end up doing more damage than benefit, at this stage. So, from what I've gathered so far, it'd be wise to get oh let's say a 1 gal pot, mix the soil correctly this time, and hope that the water troubles sort themselves out with the aid of perfectly designed drainage holes, as opposed to my trashy holes.
  7. Yeah I really half assed it and just gradually added perlite as I added soil to the same point i did before so the incorrect proportions most likey caused a lot of the problems I'm facing right now? With the next transplant I plan to take the other guy's advice and transpant properly to a larger pot, and measure out the amount of soil and perlite.
  8. 3 gallon pot minimum.
    5 gallon pot is the standard

    1 gallon pot you will just have to transplant again... A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per 1 month of growing. But you always want as much room as possible for roots.
  9. This is good:smoke:
  10. Thank you both for your help, but I'm still confused as to the number of times you can transplant a seedling in such a short period like this...should I just go for the transplant to a 3 gal, despite the fact I moved it to a new a cup terribly, nearly 6 days ago?
  11. Bumpppppppp anyone know? I'm looking to figure out a game plan tonight and already have water with a neutral pH and a ppm of around 40.
  12. You want to transplant as little as possible. I got from solo cups to 20 gallon pots

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