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  1. Me and a friend are planning on growing some plants to the side of his house its by a river and covered completely by things growing its also not on his property. We went over and turned up the soil and made a nice place to plant the seeds.

    We are going to be growing sour diesel first

    Things I want to know
    1-what time should we start planting we live in Georgia
    2-will the plants do good outside in a decently sunny area ?
    3-any other tips ? Ill probably add more questions once I realize
  2. Way to vague man. All I got to say is watch how close to the side if the house. I have seen plants get burned from from the heat off of the building. My .02
  3. 1- Go to google write in Georgia frost date and check when the last frost will be and just to be safe maybe a couple days after the predicted date would be the best to plant them outside

    2-If you start your plants early inside dont transplant on a really sunny day, try aim for an overcast and light rainy day so the plants wont be in shock. Planets need from 5-8 hours of sunlight a day.

    3- Im new and starting first grow this year. Ive been reading up on google almost everyday and researching look around for little details and for beginner mistakes like over-water/fertilizing and ETC

    Good Luck!

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