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    I'm about 5 weeks in veg planted from a seed. im using a 300 watt mars hydro. for soil I'm using Fox Farm happy frog and for nutrients I'm using Fox farm trio. I PH the water to 6.0 or yellow with 4 drops. I also have a soil tester and it PHs at 6.5 and the run off water also Phs yellow so 6.0. I have also because being new thought I couldn't give nutes until a few weeks so I just started giving then nutes and I would say I have given them nutes 4 times nowfor about 2 to 3 weeks at 1/4 strength starting out and now I'm at half strength. any ideas what this could be?? I was also doing a foilier spray which i have stopped doing thinking it was too much.

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  2. Looks like ph problems,..
  3. how could it be PH issues when I PH it at 6.0 or yellow with the drops and the run off is in the same range and the soil test is at 6.5.
  4. i try to get the water warm out of the faucet. should I be letting it sit for a while.
  5. Because drops suck and you should invest in a ph pen. Look up ph problems. I used drops thinking my ph was good, got a pen and it was totally off..haven't had problems since.
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  6. Let it sit for 24 hours after you add everything and ph it, also if you're using tap, get a dechlorinater.
  7. ohh really? ok I'll get one of those. and compare thanks. they don't look to be getting worst maybe it was stress from transplant.
  8. ohh really? ok I'll get one of those. and compare thanks. they don't look to be getting worst maybe it was stress from transplant.
  9. Could be that too..
  10. The spray do you do that when the light is on? It's burning your plants. Plants don't want moisture sprayed on them when the light is on. Do it when lights are off if your going to spray.

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  11. oh yeah, another thing, try to stay away from folier sprays, I missed that part in the original post, that could be your problem. Nutes and chemicals linger and build up on the leaves which can cause spotting on the plants like that too.
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  12. Agreed, it's like a mean kid with a magnifying glass picking on ants...
  13. I was actually giving them nutes and also had nutes in the spray so maybe it was a mixture of both. I stopped spraying for now to see if it helps.
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  14. Vegging get your humidifier to 40percent and heat at least 76 degrees no more then that if your using hid if led can go up to 82 no more then that

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  15. it is at that I'm using LEDS.
  16. I dont know about a dechlorinator, I just leave mine sitting out about 24 hours before using it. IMO it could be issues from too many nutrients, seeing as how that happy frog soil has a lot of that stuff in it already, and if you are using additional nutes you could just be causing issues. I use fox farms ocean forrest, and only add bloom enhancer and a dash of cal-mag 1 time per week. The plants are doing just fine.
  17. Well haven't used nutes much. I wish we could just stick something I the soil and it tell us what's wrong lol. I'm gonna day it was probably from me spraying the plants with the light on and also having nutes in the spray. I'm gonna just water them for now and see how it goes
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