first grow....having some issues...maybe worrying too much...guidance?

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    Alright i have a few pictures here of my resevoir and my plants....

    The first picture is of the roots which have a brownish goop on them...i added what should have been a normal ammount of earthjuice to my water along with micro and grow seems to have a foamy buildup in the corners too...not sure what that is either....could it be from the goop on the roots?

    Second and third pictures are of about a week old purple far seems healthy to me...

    4,5,6,7 are of afghan goo... i did fim a few plants so some leaves do look deformed...but the under leaves are drooping pretty bad and there are brown spots on the leaves along with what look like rips in the veins?

    8,9 are bagseed kush...more deformed leaves from fimming....a little stretched but i already lowered the lights healty as far as i can tell?

    10th pic is a reggs bagseed same spots that are on the afghan goo...i used it bc its a better picture but if we know what this is i know whats going on with the goo too...

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  2. that root goop, you got air in the rez.? it sounds like toot rot, how much of a root system do you have? If that is root rot, i would put some store bought hydrogen peroxide in the rez. but first, clean out the rez. with the peroxide (it kills the bad bacteria), then add peroxide, how big is the rez.? You may want to try to cut back the roots, especially where the rot has formed but dont cut more than 1/2 the root ball, it will then take about 5 days to recover, when you see new growth you should be ok, change the rez weekly and use the peroxide for the life of the grow. (Check for the brown scum in the rez on the walls, if you dont have oxygen/ fresh air flowing in, you need it, the peroxide is going to help with this as well):wave:
  3. I agree with floweringman, that's root rot. You can carefully pull some of the goop of with your fingers and as he said clean your res well and add peroxide. What was it again about a capful per gallon of water????

    Also in your 3rd pic it almost looked like you had a RW cube poking out above your hydroton. You wanna get that covered up with hydroton b/c algae can grow on the RW. However right now thats the least of your worries...
  4. yeah i had a feeling it might be root rot but couldnt find any pictures to compare it too.....ummm i have a crapload of air in there....i have one long airstone going the width of the resevoir and two smaller round ones in the areas the long one doesnt cover....

    the reservoir is 6 gallons...yesterday i took each plant out individually and carefully cleaned most of the goop off with water from the faucet....i couldnt get two plants however bc there roots are tangled together :/ could i go about cutting the roots? like do i have to do it a certain way?...and i added 1 teaspoon of peroxide last night...ill add more tonight....and i flush my system every 7 days so my next flush is sunday...i will try todisenfect the entire area

    ....and actually im fighting algea on one rockwool cube now :/....would it be bad to carefullly rip the rockwool off and just have the plant in the hydroton?

    and any suggestions what i should be looking for with those brownish spots on the leaves?....i think its a ph problem bc ever since the goop on the roots i havent been able to keep my ph right....its been trying to stay at 7 or higher
  5. Agreed w/ DIY420,You might have to get the rockwool below the surface of the hydroton about 1/2" to 1".This will keep the light off of the rockwool making it tougher for algae to grow.They also have little "light blocking discs" I saw @ the hydro store.You could make your own light blocker.Something reflective pref.Also,Somethng to block the light from entering the res completely.I went through this same stuff...good luck.
  6. Algae doesn't harm the weed, trust me. Block it with some black plastic (cut to fit the top of the rockwool), if you insist.

    BUT, your problem is either a lack of enzymes (Hygrozyme fixes this), and/or no air in the resevoir (air stones).

    Hygrozyme is $130 per gallon. You need 500+ml per 60 gallons. Figure it out and good luck.
  7. you dont needto spend 130.oo on anything, i amost lost 2 w.w. seedlings from root rot.

    when i started them in a new rez, i didnt wash it out with peroxide or nutes, just stuck them in and went for it. A brown film started to build up on the inner walls of the rez , then it made it to the roots, then it made it to the other plant, the problems below in the roots caused the older lower leaves to look burnt, brown and crispy.

    I took the plants out and washed the roots as you have, my roots were about 6-8" long, i cut half of the root ball off.

    I washed the rez with peroxide and put everything back together and added 1/2 cup to 5 gal.s of water, and 40ml of vit-b1 and within 5 days there were new roots growing like crazy. Cleaned the rez ever since then with peroxide every week and using 1/2 cup for 5 gal until they go to flower.

    You can see from my journal that everything is ok now, but one of the plant turned out to be male.
    Peroxide breaks down in the rez and turns to oxygen and also helps to kill bad baceria. It is almost like using a home remedy for a cold or something, it comes in handy in the gardens for the weirdest situations sometimes.

    Your plants doing any better?

    They are right about covering the tops of the net baskets, everything below the main trunkwhere it leaves the baskets should be blocked out from light, i use 7 mil black plastic, you can also use black trash bags, i did that before, and tok the plant out of the rez just enough to be able to tuck the outter edges of the plastic down around the outside of the baskets so that it is pinched between the top of the rez and the basket, no light no problems in the rez, that rez really does need to be blacked out. Good luck, Check out my super stealth in advanced growing indoors.
  8. ok so after washing off the roots one of the plants has new super root growth like 50+ tap roots came out....but other seem to be doing the flushing a day early and leaving out the earthjuice just in case....also im putting one teaspoon of peroxide per gallon of water...i bought the res from an online company so i figured itd be good but i guess not so ill cover it with something when i flush...ill steralize the entire res and all components when i flush....ill post some pics in the next few days after flushing to see if it gets any better
  9. Heyyyyy also im using nutrients with a 10-5-15npk....from what ive read it might be better for me to get something with a higher p rating....should i go look for some better nutes or do you guys think these will do fine?
  10. is there enough new root growth to cut most of the bad off?
    Is the rez black?
    When these manufactured totes are finished at the factory, they are tested but not cleaned, they have all the lubes and chems and residue all over them still, and the plastic they get wrapped in and the foam all has stuff on it, it is always good to wash them out before use, prevention of potential pests.

    Can u c any light when you look into the rez, is there any light getting through the net baskets? :wave:
  11. i use the Holland Secret Formulas, 3 part formula, ph buffered, very simple to use.

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