first grow. got a couple questions

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  1. Just some basic questions.

    IS there a DIY way to raise my humidity levels? right now my grow box is about 80 F with 20-40 humidity. i understand ideal levels would be about 65.

    I didn't germinate the seeds. my friend wanted to do it for some reason soo iam afraid the seeds could of been harmed when the transfer happened. i was trying to be careful but they were probably flipped around and went through a range of tempature changes lowest approx 50. The root tips did not looked damaged and were about 3/16 of an inch long Assuming they are undamaged when can i expect to see the first signs of life? 3 days iam guessing? ive been impatient haha i just want to know they are all right.

    Growing with approx 250 watts of actual power distributed between 7 lights. grow box is 4x2.5x4 (LxWxH)

    iam also still working on ventilation. i have an open hole at the moment just to let air out and i try to open the doors every hour to get some freshness in there. If i cut a hole and attach a small desk fan on the outside would that be sufficient air flow? I also plan on having a smaller fan blowing across the plants

    Any tips/critique welcome!
  2. Easy way to raise humidity levels is to take a pan that your pot (the object, not the plant) fits in. Add rocks evenly in it, then add water, and H2O2. the H2O2 will keep bacteria, and algae from growing keep the water just below the top of the rocks so the pot (object) isn't touching the water. Add water as it evaperates. Keep your soil moist, and you dont need lights on until they poke out of the soil.
  3. the hydrogen peroxide bit is a really good idea
  4. i dont think i have that many pots to use for each of my plants. ive got a bout 10 growing right now and maybe 2 pots i could fill witha hydrogen peroxide/water solution.

    Can any one give me some advice for the ventilation.

    I got 8 plants sprouted now. SOOOo coool watching them grow from hour to hour =D
  5. A cheap humidifier from good will or walgreens will raise humidity.
    Ventilation = fans.
  6. i know what ventilation is.... did you read my original post?
  7. well I hope you know what ventilation is:smoke: I think he just meant that ventilation is pointless without circulation.
  8. A cheap humidifier would be your best bet. Something from target or wal-mart.

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