First grow going well, into flowering. Lots of pics!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by deadeye007, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Well maybe it's not a "grow", since I only have one plant left. :eek: lol

    It's doing well though and it's getting plumper. Here's some pics from when it was a wee baby up until about a week ago.



    Early Flowering

    The Real Deliciousness

    Just wanted to share. :)

    About how much longer do you guys think I've got to go (Considering the last pic was taken 4 days ago)?

    Thanks guys!
  2. wait till 3/4 of the hairs are orange
  3. I was looking more for like a time period, like three weeks or something. That way I can plan ahead. Thanks though I'll keep that in mind when the time does come.

    Here's one more of the smaller tops of the three.
  4. the longer you wait the more bud you get ;)

    but the trichomes will start turning orng and its supose to be more of a "body" high

    looks great, thats a sick freakin camera ur using
  5. Thanks man, I love it. Definitely takes some awesome shots.

    Taken today.
  6. I've been away for a while, just expirimenting with my grows SOLO. but now im back. and im pulling up a chair for this one. it looks sick man
  7. Nice macro, like the dark background! :D
  8. looks nice, but if you grow again i might consider letting them go another couple weeks. Those trichs look really light colored still. Just a bit of advice:smoke:
  9. Yeah I had to cut it because of security reasons. It's all right with me, I'm happy I got anything.

  10. it all depends on what kind of high you like. i had to cut my plants down a week earlier than i originally was planning on, but because of that my buds give me a really strong energetic head high, when you smoke too much at a time, it really gets your heart pumping... almost like a hit of crack..hahaha:wave: but if you want a more lazy knock you out high, you definately need to let that shit ripen up a while longer.

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