First grow/first buds!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by snoopunit, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Just came here to let everyone know! I'm super stoked that 2/5 of my ladies have actually started growing buds (i'm pretty sure at least) after wrapping up week 2 of 12/12. The other 3 ladies are about a week behind, but no signs of male genitalia so far :D I'll post some pics if I remember when my lights come back on in about 10 hrs.
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  2. Hey you sound pretty much as far along as mine are. What strain are they?
  3. Not sure tbh. I got them from "a guy" that 'my guy' knows lol. He didn't specify a strain, but I got 11 seeds for $20 and after only 7 actually sprouting, only 2 were male :)
  4. That's good, man. I would have been shitting myself for male plants so I just went straight for feminized seeds
  5. yea, luckily I can check on them 24/7. i've been inspecting for balls nearly every day since the flip
  6. Sweet looking plants with good node spacing and huge fan leaves
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  7. The back ones look like alot of stretch
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