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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by b2ke, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So I bought this clone on November 11 about 27 days ago.

    I dont have pictures of when i first got them but these 2 pictures are of the next day November 12



    Started wilting a lot after 2 days so this is like November 13:( didnt water enough


    I then revived it the next day by watering more November 14

    Now this is November 28, 14 days since i revived it.


    So my question is.... by looking at the pictures of the past 4 weeks does it seem like my plant is growing slow? I think when I first bought the clone it was about probably 5 inches tall now its about 7-8 inches tall.

    thanks for the feedback
  2. In 4 weeks it should have grown more. No doubt the watering issue set you back some. However, the last set of pics shows what appears to be nutrient burn or deficiency in the leaf tips that are yellowed and dying.

    Looks more like a N deficiency to me.
  3. I don't think its nutrient burn I havent added any nutrients besides the ones that already were in the soil (fox farm/perlite mix).

    if it is N deficiency do u have any ideas on how i can go about fixing this problem?
  4. Yeah your plants are growing slow. Practice makes perfect.
  5. Anyone know what i can do to fix/solve the problem with the ends of the leaves turning yellowish brown, curling, and drying up.
  6. mine did this to when i first got it. it may be normal. as long as its not the new growth. looks likes its old leaves the bottom leaves went on my plant to. i just cut them off. if it starts effecting the new growth or top leaves then you should worry. also going to need more light then that one cfl
  7. i have 4 cfls, u can only see one in the picture tho
  8. Start off easy with a organic nute, use some fish emulsion its high in N and harder to burn your plant with.
  9. alright thanks ill check that out

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