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    Hi everyone, my first time on any forums in years really. Long time smoker, first time grower. I moved to Co about 7 months ago. I rent a house where the landlords grow on a different part of the property. After a few months of babysitting their grow and learning first hand experience I was certain I could do my own and possibly produce better results.//
    So my landlords use a medium and have to stake and all that stuff. They do a lot of gardening in my opinion between staking and potting 1 gallon and then transfer from 1 gallon to 7 gallon, potting, more staking. They have a 20 light set up, 10 lights per room, 4 plants per light. You do the math, that's a lot of potting and staking. They yield about 1.5 lbs a light.
    So I did a lot of research on growing options. Apparently using a medium is best for beginners because its very forgiving when it comes to PH levels as the medium acts as a buffer. I found RDWC(Recirculating Deep Water Culture)would suit me best paired up with a SCROG Screen. I hear its for seasoned growers but I like a bit of a challenge.
    The Room
    Im using the unfinished basement which has plenty of space. I closed off a room and sealed it for light leaks. The rooms dimensions are 20x8x8(LxWxH), has one window and a double sided fire place. I measured the Dimensions of the fire place and window and cut some ply wood. Put 10 inch flanges on both, window for intake, and fire place for exhaust// Covered them up, hung my 1000k Light, added ducting, 2 intake fans, one for fresh air, the other to cool the hood, Carbon Air Filter with exhaust fan as well. I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance.
    The Setup
    RDWC System
    5 5 Gallon Buckets
    5 Air stone Disks
    4 Net Pots
    2 16 in Wall Mount Fans
    1 70L Air Pump
    1 Submersible Pump(don't have specifics at the moment)
    1 1/4 Aqua Active Water Chiller
    1 Home Made SCROG Net
    1 Hanna Instrument with PH/Temp/EC/PPM Probe
    Miscellaneous Hardware such as tubing and fittings
    Ill update a bit later with pictures
    Im currently on week 5 of Flower, the progress is pretty nice. One mistake was vegging for 6 weeks, 5 at max needed.


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  2. Saved for pics and updates
  3. looks like you went all out on this, the research you did is gonna pay off, nice setup, if this is your first grow you must have grew in a past life, good job

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