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  1. Hi Everyone,

    First grow underway, today marks two weeks (from seed in-soil) I have one plant that seems to be showing some distress and I'm not sure what it wants. Photo below, any thoughts?

    This is an Afghan Kush regular seed. Using Miracle Grow soil and have been watering it when top inch or so of the soil is dry to the touch. 400w HPS bulb in use approx. 2 feet above the plants.

    Any thoughts are welcome, noob. here and eager to get some feedback!

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  2. Whats the temperature at the canopy? 400 watts is a lot of light for a plant so young, that twisting is from heat/light stress.

    It also looks like you may have early signs of nutrient burn along the edges of your leafs, hard to tell under this light spectrum. If you do a search on miracle grow I think you will find most people reporting it kills young marijuana plants. I would recommend Happy Frog for young plants, it's not as "hot.'

    Keep us updated, good luck
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  3. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Not sure of the temp. at canopy, only measuring in the grow room in general right now (abt 71). I did go down with measuring tape and what I had eyeballed to be 24" was more like 19" so you're probably right about light/heat stress. Just moved the lamp up to about 30" (measured) we'll see how they like that.

    Will continue with updates along the way thanks again!
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  4. Honestly, it just looks like a jank seedling man. Every time you grow a few, there's that one ugly duckling runt that just sprouts all weird and shit.
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  5. Day 17: Plants are definitely growing, showing some good progress! There is some discoloration on a few of the leaves however. The 400w HPS has been moved to approx 30" above the plants for about 4 days now. Watering has been only when the top soil is dry. Tested the PH today: 6.

    Any thoughts on the discoloration? Are these healthy plants?

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  6. It's hard to see the discoloration under the hue of the HPS. Maybe move them to another room and snap some pictures with your flash on. But you really should be using a MH right now. Also, if you have a way to cool your light and a small fan on low for a gentle breeze, you could bring that light down to 9-12 inches above the canopy. 30 is really really far away. Light intensity is probably the most important thing for bud development.
  7. Hey this reminds me, maybe you know. Why when we look at big dispensary grows, they have their HIDs or HPS usually cieling mounted. Always wondered why they didn't drop their lights for max penatration.
  8. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because of the sheer number of plants vs. lights. The more plants you have per light, the higher the light would have to be to ensure that all of the plants are receiving the same amount of light. Even in my closet, with 5 plants, dropping it to 9 inches is pushing it.
  9. Please post pics of plants under natural lighting. If it looks yellow to you, it looks yellow to us. Can't tell a thing about the coloring of the leaves and that's what you use to determine if there are issues or not. TWW
  10. I've often wondered about that too. LOL But I guess when you're got millions of dollars worth of light hanging overhead, collectively it doesn't matter too much. Wish I had a few million to blow on a grow. I could do it up RIGHT then. LOL TWW

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