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First Grow Ever

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by photosynthawhat, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Oh yeah that temp is pretty high. I would maybe think about running only 1 light until they get established. Should do what you can to keep it sub 80f. Even 1 CFL is plenty for lil seedlings like that. Humidity is easier to increase in a smaller area (especially once you have more plant and wet medium in there) so you might not need to buy anything (can always just mist em down every once in a while) but that temp is really hot, could def be why they are keeling over
  2. Yeah definitely. I only used the side lighting during flower. My 45w panel is really light in weight ,like 2lbs. I used extra strength velcro (home depot, it's rated to hold 10lbs) to place it on my wall. Works nicely . Looking forward in following your progress. Good job so far.
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    Any tips on upping the humidity?

    I tried putting a dish of water in front of the fan next to the plants, but it seemed like it went down if anything.

    I'm considering buying one of these to potentially solve both the temp, and humidity issue.

    Honeywell HUL520W Mistmate Cool Mist Humidifier, White

  4. Thanks! I'm hoping I can keep them alive, lol.

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  5. Check out dirt man dans YouTube. He has a little diy humidifier that stops and starts when you need or do need humidity you just set the box to what percent you want and when you want it to stop. It's only like 50 bucks all together and unlike the ones at Wal-Mart you can control it

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  6. This one seems to be controllable to a degree, and only $20

    Honeywell HUL520W Mistmate Cool Mist Humidifier, White

  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Seedlings are still alive and don't look any worse than yesterday. I'm hoping to see the second one perk up a little.

    I took all but one cfl out to see if there is any difference in temp. If not, I'll add back again.
  8. Idk . If I were you I would spend the extra money for the one I said. A lot of those humidifiers suck. Especially a 20$ one .
  9. It's actually very highly rated, which is why I'm considering it. The type of humidifier it is, I also found praised on several threads.

    I already ordered it this morning, should be here by Thursday. I'll report back with temp and humidity readings for you once I have them.

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    Got the cool mist humidifier early. So far, temps down to 77*, and humidity at 51%***

  11. You got s humdifier and your humidity is only 30%?..
  12. I had just plugged it in. I just updated the numbers above. Temps have been dropping and humidity is rising.

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  13. There we go that's the spot
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  14. I was able to get the temp/humidity about perfect by adding the cool mist humidifier. Only problem, I ordered the wrong one. The 1 gallon and half gallon models are the same price, and in a rush I bought the wrong one. I’m trying some different variations with my ventilation and timers to see if I can make it work for me.


  15. Ok, after messing with my timer schedule for the humidifier and vent fan, I was able to mostly maintain a 77 degree temp, and around 50% humidity. Only downside is that in order to get that while also getting the humidifier to run a whole shift while I’m gone, the temps and humidity fluctuate every half hour because of the humidifier turning off.

    I’ll probably have to order the 1 gallon version in order to mitigate this better. I’ve been plotting another grow area, so maybe it won’t hurt to have two humidifiers...

    ALSO, I’m germinating a bunch more seeds. My second plant is still looking like shit, so wanna increase my odds of getting females.

    Hopefully have a few more seedlings by mid next week. With the little bit I’ve learned so far, any new plants will have a lot more successful start.

  16. Germinated 11 more plants. I don’t think I can support that many, but we’ll see what happens. IMG_2010.JPG

  17. Also, I killed the second plant I had been trying to nurse back to health. It wasn’t making any progress, so I just yanked it today.

    I used some of the fridge shelf frames to make a couple of scrogs with some added zip ties too. IMG_2011.JPG

  18. IMG_2012.JPG IMG_2014.JPG

    I added 4 more 6500k CFL’s 1600 lumen bulbs to match my initial 4 I already had.


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