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    Growing in a DIY fridge growbox!

    This is my first attempt at growing my own plants, and working with a very small budget.

    *A lot of things changed since starting and am using a completely different set up than when I started.

    Growing inside a fridge that died recently, repurposed over a weekend into a grow box.

    8 6500k CFL’s
    4 2700k CFL’s
    1 server fan (exhaust)
    1 server fan (intake)
    1 circulatory fan
    1 Honeywell humidifier
    1 temp/humidity gauge
    MG potting soil and mg nature’s care natural organic soil
    Bottled water/filtered ph’d to 6.5.

    *original set up
    I have only really invested in soil (MG Potting Soil) and an led grow light (unifun 45w panel), the rest of my supplies scavenged from home and work.

    Looking over a lot of the posts, I'm sure there's at least one person ready to tell me how it's going to fail because I'm using MG.

    Yeah, I know I could probably be using better alternatives, but given my time and money available, I've decided to just give it a run. I have seen plenty of postings of people having successful grows from a MG and plain water grow, so hoping for the best.

    I started germinating my seeds 28 hours ago using the cup of water method, no sprouts as of yet.
    (5 bag seeds I got in my last sack of Reggie)

    From what I've read, I can leave them in water for up to 48 hours, but shouldn't longer than that.
    They've sunk as of today vs floating when I started yesterday.

    I have a few cups with drainage holes already filled with soil for the seeds to be planted in once germinated.

    I plan to water using bottled water so far. Where I live, we have pretty hard water with a lot of calcium, so not sure that would be good to use.

    The area I'll be growing in will be a closet, the dual sliding type.

    At first I thought it might be too humid in the closet to grow but given that I probably won't be managing humidity otherwise, hopefully it will work in my favor.

    I've built somewhat of a cage as a housing, added some Mylar, and have two server fans pointed to where the plants will be.

    This is my first time ever signing up for a forum period, so looking for feedback, suggestions, anything you guys have for me.


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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. i recommend colored cups instead of clear roots hate light and transfer into bigger pots after about a week or 2 of veg
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  4. Thanks! I actually had read a comment about the cups a little before I saw this. I don't have any colored cups at hand, but foiled them instead. Think that should do the trick til they're moved?[​IMG]

  5. If you can, add around 30% perilite to your soil when you transplant into bigger containers. Make sure it doesn't have nutrients in it though. And if your mg soil has those little time release nute balls in it, try to pick them out. Could hurt your seedling

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  6. I believe it does have the little white beads in it, but I think I'll just take that risk to avoid having to pick them out. I will pick up some perlite before transplanting. Should I mix perlite to the bag, or to the pot?

  7. Miracle-gro can work. I would wait at least 2 weeks before I planted into it. I personally don't like time release nutrients myself. Second biggest problem with new growers is watering to often. If you are determined to use that soil, do not over water, if you over water not only will it hurt your plant, but the more you water the faster the nutrients will be released. Most likely you will not be able to add flowering nutrients because it has time release. Another downfall of time release.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow :gc_rocks:
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  8. Yeah, more than anything I just want to grow a plant. It'll be a nice bonus if I can get some reasonable buds from it. I'm somewhat testing my resolve in caring for a plant also, lol.

    If I can at least get this through to flower, I'll probably consider something more in depth on the next run.

    My wife's not thrilled on the idea of growing at home, so I'll need to ease into it

    Right now I'm just crossing my fingers that these seeds even pop

  9. I just re-read that. You meant take the white balls out of the small cup. I for whatever reason read it as I would have to take them out of the large pot too, lol.

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  10. Took a while getting some seeds to germinate. I think the Reggie I get is dried on an oven, might explain it.

    Anyways, finally have two that I was able to germinate about a day apart. They germinated on sept 11-12th.

    Here they are at roughly 5 days...[​IMG]

    Also, I made some changes to my Grow area. I had an old fridge in the garage that stopped working recently, so I used my Saturday to make it into something useful again.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Any feedback welcomed.

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  11. I like the fridge modification! I'd recommend putting those clear cups into red cups to block the light. Roots don't like light. You can keep the plant in the clear one and just lift that cup out of the red one to check the roots

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  12. Eventually grab yourself a mars hydro 300w on Amazon for 62.99 good starter light, also a ph kit is like 8.99 on amazon with ph down and up. I use bottled water and found most of them are below 6.5ph so you have to boost it up to that so you don't cause yellowing tips and lockout. Also, MG has a full organic soil its in a green bag check your local walmart/home depot, and grab a bag of perlite too it's about $5. Mix about 40% perlite into bag of soil, you'll figure when enough is you don't want the roots drying out but also getting enough oxygen. Your setup is good so far, starting out growing is a trial and error thing you'll get the hang of it with the help of yourself and people on here.

    Post updates and remember, the roots grow quick so be prepared to transplant. I've gotten 1g nursing pots at home depot for .98 cents and 3gals for my final for 3.98ea!

    Best of luck!
  13. Yeah, I had them wrapped in foil at one point, now I've got a foul lined cup with the planted cup inside.

  14. I agree with Kenny. Get a Mars 300w (or something similar). That 45w panel isnt going to be enough in flower imo . I use my 45w panel as side/supplemental lighting. Good luck on your grow.
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  15. It's 2017. I'd rather have one of these over a mars 300 any day myself. They're 60 watts but light up the room like a 150watt hps. I own 6 of these boards so I know what they can do. $99 worth every penny. You can build one yourself for about $60. Check out my thread in this section on these boards.
    HLG 65
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  16. Don't be hating on the mars hydro 300 I run 2 of those bad boys and can't complain & just giving him a cheaper option obviously there are thousands of lights for growing
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  17. Yeah, I'll probably invest more in lighting and cooling later on.

    I do plan on getting perlite, and I'll consider the organic MG, but I want to shop around for "super soil" and see what that has to offer too.

    I've been using a specific brand of bottled water that tests at 6.5ph steadily, so no problem there.

    I'll make sure I post photos and any changes to the set up along the way.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  18. I don't hate on them but it's an old light and if you're smart shopper your $60 can be more wisely spent. I built this light for $60. I'm telling you I would put it side by side with a mars300 even though it's half the wattage. The leds in the mars300 are 6-7 year old tech. They never approached the efficiency levels the new stuff is capable of. These are samsung 561c diodes that run about 180 lumens per watt.

    $29 for a board
    QB120 Quantum Board

    $18 for a power supply.

    Splice on an old cord you have laying around and connect the driver to the board. It's cheaper then a mars300.
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  19. Best of luck to you man, you'll get a great setup going with the help of others on here and your own craftsmanship. Fox farms is great for soil from what I've heard.

    Goodluck and post updates!
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  20. IMG_0681.JPG
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