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  1. I'm a newbie at growing but I did a lot of research before I began. I think the best thing I've learned so far is, don't try to over do it and let the plants do as they will. Currently in week 2 of flowering. Had these girls outside after 2 weeks starting from seed. Topped one on purpose and broke other in half while transplanting into ground. Both are doing well. One is over 8ft now and other is 6.5 feet tall. Think they look good. IMG_20170715_184637.jpg IMG_20170630_125703.jpg
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  2. Awesome! Need to get some trellising happening so they don't break when they start flower and get too heavy. Good Job!
  3. Thanks, will do. They are just starting week 2 of flowering. Getting hairs every where.
  4. Looking great!
  5. Thanks. Grasshoppers have been a pain here this year, but spraying garlic water all around them every few days is working.
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  6. Oh maybe start some mainline on your next grow.... 2x yeilds at least
  7. What is mainline?
  8. Oh I see what that is.
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  9. My biggest plant has 21 colas on it. Think it will produce a good yield? My other 2 have 16-18 each.
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  10. How did you get that many colas? I see 2 on the right one in the pic.
  11. Every branch that has little buds and lots of pistols , I'm calling Cola's. I know there is your main Cola's but even side ones are showing lots of hairs too.
  12. Oh... No the main stem on a non-topped plant would be the cola. I top mine 2-3 times and i get 3-8 colas. depending on strain I get like easily eight inches of solid budz on the tops. Here is a general pic. Now with traditional growing you get a Christmas tree type shape with sativas vs mainlining you could have like 20 colas or many more.

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  13. Ok. Thanks I'm learning everyday. Seems like some of the side branches are bigger than the top ones though. Mine are getting 4 hours direct sun in morning and 3-3.5 in late afternoon.
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