First grow ever (Victoria)

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  1. My first time growing in soil outdoors
  2. Ok. So I have been given a 4-5 inch clone of an unknown (to me) strain grown out from wallan.
    I kept her in the pot of rock wool for a week or two (will upload pics later, still have exif files).
    I planted her yesterday, she is named Shakira as the missus requested.
    I dug a double spade width hole and about 40cm deep and filled it with generic herb and vegetable pitting mix, mixed with herb fertilizers to (apparantly boost the root system)
    On top of that I just have a 60L willow bin rinsed out to a 4mm dripper line with 4 drippers on a rate that keeps the soil constantly somewhat damp.
  3. she gets sun from about 930 am till dusk, ground seems to be moist most of the day,
    i want to mainline this plant and keep it as low down as possible, i dont mind about width, its more height i am worried about,
    what height should i let it get to before i start to pull some nodes down?
  4. Cool grow :), keep up the good work

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  5. Thanks dude.
    How often should I feed them?
    I have maxicrop seaweed plant food with all the I guess 'required' nutrients but how often should I give it to her and should I mix it in the dripper feed water or watering can and water it that way and just keep water in the bin?

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  6. Looking nice bro did u feed it anything looks a bit nute burnt?
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    Yes. I fed her 1 cap of maxi crop in 9L of water yesterday morning about 10-15 cm away from the main stem.
    How can you tell that !?

    Should I not be feeding it at this stage?

    Also she has grown another inch!!

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  9. You can tell by the yellow tips on the older leaves that it has been nute burnt at some stage. just watch how much you give it man I would recommend mixing only 1/4 a cap for a plant that size bro 1 cap would be too much I think depending on how strong the fertalizer is. If it was me I would only be feeding it a root booster/plant starter thats all I use and 1/4 cap of seasol. When they get an inch or two bigger feed them stronger stuff with high nitrogen for vegative growth. Thats just my opinion lots of growers feed differently tho. Will be watching your grow tho man feel free to check my grow out aswell and let me know what u think, cheers dude
  10. Root booster sounds like what it should be getting, and in the case if the yellow leaves, they were there when I took delivery of the plant.

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  11. Yeah bro get some root booster this is the one I use. The person befor you might have fed it too many nutes before hand or maybe the ph is incorrect that sometimes of yelliwing on the leaf tips.

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  12. How long should I use it for you reckon?
    Should I mix it into the dripper system or put it in a watering can and just water it in the morning?

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  13. Use it aslong as you want man its good for clones aswell just gives them a healthy root system to start with wich is always good. I dont use drip system but u can put it in there if u want I just mix a cap in a 10 litre can and use the whole 10L on each plant to make sure all the roots get wet

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