First grow ever! Multiple strains.

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    Using a 4 foot 8 bulb t-5 fixture and 250W air cooled HPS ATM. Planning on running proper ventilation through the attic after this weekend. The space is a 9 x 2 1/2' closet with a 10 ft ceiling. Will be purchasing another light for flowering.

    The plants have been in fox farms ocean forest since April 4th, and just received a quarter strength dose of FF grow big today for the first time. This is my first time growing, so I'm still learning a lot.. Any advice on feeding, etc., and comments are appreciated.

    I have 2 Strawberry Cough, 2 Kali Mist, 1 obama Kush, 1 Himalayan Gold, and 1 unknown strain growing... Received the seeds from a friend of mine :).The obama kush grew slightly mutated out of the seed and took a little while to get going.

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  2. Can't see your pics, are you sure really have plants? :poke:;):p

    j/k man, good luck with the grow! :D Shout if you need any help. :):wave:
  3. forgot to attach pics.. haha. Oh jeez, way to start things off. Need to turn down the vape I guess.
  4. Lol, nah vape some more. ;) :laughing:

    Plants look good man. :)
  5. You sure do got some nice friends to give ya some quality strains like that :D Some good lookin ladies there m'boy....and a couple of droopy ones....I would assume they need some water maybe???:confused: that always boggles my mind that plants in soil will "droop" that's a funny word "droop" I wonder who came up with that term? Anyway enough stoner rambles
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    Yes, I'm fortunate to know some medical growers, so I will have access to some nice strains in the future as well... So this should be fun! My brother has his appointment next week for his recommendation and I'll be his grower as well.. So this could get lot better soon :D

    And the pictures were taken right before I watered them.
  7. Transplanted all but one of the plants yesterday into more permanent containers. Already starting to look a lot better after a day. Have a carbon filter and fan coming in the mail on monday, so soon I'll have a more permanent ventilation system in place.

    Received a 3 week old Northern Berry plant today. Can someone perhaps help me out with what is causing the spots on it?

    More pictures of the rest of garden coming soon.

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  8. Looks like spider mite damage imo. :( Check that plant thoroughly dude, if it is spidery mitacus then you don't wanna infect your other plants.:smoking:

  9. hmm, i'm inclined to agree. do you have anywhere to quarantine it until she's fixed?
  10. Unfortunately she was in with my other girls for a few hours, hoping they did not spread to them.. After 14 hours no signs on the rest of plants. Was not touching any others, nor the pot or plant so I'm hoping I get lucky.

    Do not really have a spot to quarantine it permanently at the time... If the rest are infected I will build an additional room, which I was planning on doing in a few weeks, and move them all in there and try to get rid of the mites.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  11. My entire garden seems to now be infested with spider mites. What is my best course of action to get rid of them?

    I'm thinking about building another little room with some 2x4's and plywood and seal it off to quarantine the plants in until I can get rid of the mites. Then I'm thinking I'll have to do some extensive cleaning and bug bombs or something? I'm a bit overwhelmed with this all. :confused:

  12. Sorry mate, I've never had 'em. Neem oil is supposed to work though. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  13. Just got back from home depot with supplies to build a decent size grow area for vegging/to quarantine the girls for now. Planning on it being 58" long, about 30 " wide and 5 or so feet tall. I've got some mylar to put on the plywood walls.. What would be the best method of hanging it? I'm thinking double sided tape or something might work better than just trying to tack it?

    Anymore info on what to do to permanently to get rid of the spider mites is welcome.. Doing a lot of reading, so I've got some ideas. Picked up some neem oil as well. Going to do a huge cleaning of the room the grow is in tomorrow, including removing all the carpet and disposing of it.. Was going to get around to this at some point when I had a means of adding a new floor (all that's under the carpet is subflooring), but figuring it should go now to help maintain a sterile environment.

    What is a good bug bomb or something of the likes I should use in the room? As I said in the first post, I'm growing medically, and I'm planning on growing for a couple more family members come summer time, so I don't want this to be a long term battle if possible.. As my grow is going to be doubled or tripled in the coming months.

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  14. Shit dude, sorry to hear that. :eek: What fucker gave you a clone with mites? :mad::poke:

    I've never had them either, do a search in the sick plants forum, you'll get loads of info. :)
  15. ouch that suuuuucksss

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