first grow, early sexing?

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  1. i have quite a few plants going right now. 4 are 2weeks and a day old from seed. 2 of them are getting really bushy with leaves, the other 2 aren't so much, but the latter are really starting to have that thc/bud smell. does this have anything to do with their sex?

    i'm thinking that the 2 that are starting to smell are female, but i'm inexperienced so i could be way off here. theres no way i'm pulling any plants on a hunch.
  2. Definitely not a reason to cull a plant. I had some males that reeked while the females weren't so bad. The only real way to know for sure is to wait for preflowers. With strains I was familiar with, I could usually get a pretty good idea of sex by the way they grew (males tend to grow faster and more vigorously then females, while the girls usually stay shorter and bushier,) but even then I would still wait for them to show sex.
  3. my thoughts exactly. i'm trying to get my plants to harvest by at the latest the end of may so i'm planning on switching the light cycle to 12/12 the beginning of next month. another question, i have my lil girls in plastic beer pong type cups at the moment. i wanted to wait until i determined their gender before investing in something larger.

    will they be okay at 4-5 weeks in such a small container?

    i have 15 small ones going right now. i grew so many with the assumption that i would lose quite a few due to their gender and other uncontrolable circumstances. i'm working with bag seed from a bunch of different places. i'm thinking a safe bet would be maybe 4 females after all my hard work? keeping my fingers crossed =/
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    There's no way of sexing from smell. Either let them grow until they show signs in veg, wait to flower, or clone(not yet) and sex. Have fun and good luck.
    *As far as those small containers, you'd really be pushing it. Have some large drainage holes and watch for the roots to start escaping. I wouldn't wait longer than that.
  5. is it safe to assume the drainage holes should be at the bottom?
  6. Yes but it also beneficial to have some on the sides. It allows the roots to get some air.

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