First Grow, DWC, LED, FIM, Super Skunk Fem.

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    Whats up everyone,

    I'm posting this to get an idea from others about my setup, ideas, plans, etc...

    This is my first "real" grow, I did a small closet one about 6 years ago in soil, it did not turn out good, had to rush it, blah blah blah. Anyways, I am working on my first real DWC grow and I plan to start as soon as my ILGM seeds arrive "Super Skunk Fem".

    My setup is as follows:
    36x20x62 Apollo Grow Tent
    300w Mars Hydro LED
    4" 1050+ IAV Carbon Filter with a 4" 190 CFM Ducting Inline Fan Blower (I know it is a bit overkill, but better safe than sorry)
    DWC 5 gallon Bucket
    General Hydroponics Nute System (Trio)
    A few fans, temp monitor, ph stick, tds stick, etc...

    It seems like a pretty simple system, I plan to germ a single seed (I only want to grow 1 plant) in a paper towel then transfer over to rock wool and begin the process. I want to run a 24 hr light all the way until flower. The nutes I won't start until about 1 week in the 5 gallon bucket. I also want to FIM my plant for sure once, maybe more depending on how it goes, and also debating on running a SCROG due to my small tent size. I want to veg for around a month and hope to flower for no more than 2 months. Time is key here due to other circumstances. I also live in the south so I have a dehumidifier just in case.

    Is there any suggestions that anyone has. More specifically for a nutrient plan...



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