First grow, couple questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by darkstar0422, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey all, finally back after a bit of a hiatus (apologies admin) and i've had a few questions on the growing. I started out with 2 seeds from some mids, each with 1 26w daylight CFL and 1 26w soft. After a bit of trouble, i found a 42w soft, but i havn't been able to find a higher watt daylight CFL. Lost one of the 2 in the transplanting process, so as of now i have 1 plant under 2 26w daylight, and 1 42w soft, both on 24/7. Workin on getting a higher wattage daylight CFL, but having some trouble. Oh, and I have a medium size fan circulating air throughout the grow area (half a closet).

    Old setup

    First sprout

    The surviving plant

    And again

    All input is greatly appreciated, and I've been noticing the plant seems to look a bit troubled, not sure what the problem is. I water about every day or every other day, but I make sure the soil's dry before doing so. Thanks in advance all
  2. That soil looks kinda barky.
  3. yeah im sensing some woodchippage from the pics
  4. I'm using Expert Gardener perfect mix all purpose potting soil, its the best I could find at the target nearby. Any particular soil that I might want to look for? I have 2 white rhino seeds a friend gave me that should germinate any day now, so if theres any soil I should get I'd like to get it before those seeds are ready.
  5. Oh, and for vegging would a 55 watt 5000k light be better, or 2 42 watt 6500k lights (for vegging)?

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