First grow(closet test run) advice appreciated

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    so i started my first grow in a closet in my house with some bagseed i germinated a few days ago. most of the seeds cracked and had what looked like white roots on them using the glass of water. i am using four 4' plant/aquariam bulbs for veg(cool blue and wide spectrum i believe tho im not sure the total wattage i think 200w but ill check for sure when i get home. so anyway, i planted the seeds that cracked and produced small roots in smaller containers just to get them sprouted(i plan on transplanting them into larger pots). i have been running them on an 18/6 light schedule for the last three days since planting and have yet to see any sprouts, but im patient. since i am a first time grower i don't know if im going about everything the right way(even tho i think ive done my research). i will add some pics when i get home in a few hours. but i would appreciate any advice/assistance anyone can give me to help make this a decent little growhe. thanks.

    Sorry for the pic quality but it gives you an idea of what im working with so far. the light set thats shown in the pics i have two sets of in the closet. there are two sets one set of cool white and one set of wide spectrum plant/aquarium bulbs. total of 200w i believe. again, any advice/expertise is appreciated

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  2. when it get around may move them outside to get some sun.they grow better with sunlight
  3. i would like to when it gets warmer, but i live in the midwest and its still cold as shit where im from. idk what the deal is with these seeds, maybe this particular strain takes longer to sprout or it may be the density of the soil theyre in, but theres still no sign of any sprouts after 4 days, and i was under the impression most seeds took only a few after germination. oh well, im patient so ill jus give em some time before i give up the ghost
  4. try to get them fresh air and maybe a ocilating fan, otherwise im all for simplicty good luck.
  5. ok thanks. the heating vent blows warm air into the closet and i open it up every day to let them breathe but have been planning on getting a fan as well. its a ghetto setup for sure because i dont have a lot of extra money floatin around but ill continue to make improvements to cure this.
  6. as long as they got fresh air circulating and lights they should be ok..but as _numb_ always says... you get what you put in.
  7. for sure for sure. thanks man
  8. so i checked on them today and there wasnt any sprout as of yet, but there does appear to be large root growth happening which is awesome. also, i dont know if anyone has done this yet, because i havent read about it so far, but i mixed coffee grounds with my soil because ive read that its a good source of nitrogen for plants. anyways, ill see how it works out.:bongin:
  9. So let me make sure I have my numbers right, but you germinated them for a few days and now they have been in the soil for 3-4 days? If thats right, you should start to see sprouts by tonight or tomorrow. All of the seeds I started were in 2" jiffy pots and they broke soil in about 5 days after planting.
  10. hehe...ive been pretty mental for the last month so its hard to say, but theyve been in soil for about 4 days now. theyve been under lights the whole time since planting. i also moved the lightsva lot closer to the pots, about an inch above because thats what ive read theyre supposed to be with the kind of lights im using. im hopin to see some sprouts in the near future(crossin fingers). ill update with pics when theres something more interesting to report haha
  11. haha rhombus you know your shit. i checked this morning and i had 3 sprouts. im stoked. good call
  12. Yup, I just wish i had the same luck, I just went to start another batch of seeds and all 3 of them cracked and got a tap root, but none of them sprouted for some reason and i have no idea why. But anyways hashbandit, you gotta keep me updated on those little guys.
  13. sorry to hear that rhombus. was it just some bagseed or something you spent good money on?
    ok so ive been watching my sprouts very carefully the last few days and things seem to be going pretty well now, although i did notice some discoloration on the stems of one of the sprouts that im not sure about which i included a pic of. it seems like i can actually see them growin every few hours. so anyway heres a few pics:smoking: ...too baked to write so ill let the pics do the rest of the talking

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  14. It's all good bro, they were just bagseed. Which pic was it that showed the discoloration? I wasn't looking too hard, but i didn't see anything wrong. But i do tend to miss the obvious when i'm baked lol
  15. thats good. but still a bummer man. the discoloration that i was refering to is in the fourth pic. it just looked like a light spot on the stem. but as of today they are healthy and completely green. theyve even finished forming the inner small leafs and they look sick. im stoked, im takin care of these little beauties.:smoking:
  16. so i checked this morning on my little children and low and behold my small family had grown by two overnight. so total im runnin 5 sprouts on 24/7 light. and all seem to be happy and healthy. except my first sprout which was the dicolored one that i showed in the earlier pics. it seems to be healthy for the most part except for small areas of discoloration on the stem. idk if this is just normal because theyre young or just the traits of this one plant, but if anyone could look at the pic and let me know whats up i would appreciate it. thanks
  17. Is it possible to get a better picture of the plant with the discoloration? That pic isn't that good
  18. ah man, they look beautiful, i need to move somewhere where i have enough space to grow... but keep us update, i feel like a god-parent praying over your babies, haha, take good care of em
  19. thanks man i will. ill also take another pic of it when i get the chance tomorrow. im really stoked about these little beauties. they are my new number one hobby haha:smoking:
  20. yea , its become one of my hobbies as well, but i wish i had more knowledge though. can you help me with this.

    after 3 weeks ,the ending process or complete germination stage, when do you exactly feed it with nutrients?
    i was given a chart of npk, is this correct?

    Seedlings 2-1-2\par
    Early Vegetative 4-2-3\par
    Mid-Vegetative 10-5-7\par
    Cycle Changeover 7-7-7\par
    Early Flowering 5-10-7\par
    Mid-Flowering 6-15-10\par
    Late Flowering 4-10-7\par

    if this is correct how exactly am i suppose to provide it with 2-1-2 of npk? im confused because i have a bag of miracle moisture control that contains n-30 p20 k10. thanks

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