First grow...closet style haha would love advice!

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  1. Everybody's got good advice so far so listen to them, as for the yellowing, get a pH meter if you dont already have one, off pH can lead to many things.

    With the foil, don't use it. Lol found out the hard way that it probably stores more heat than reflect light. I've read on here that pet-smart uses Mylar transport things for their reptiles and they just throw them out, so you can snag em for free if your clever ;}
  2. yeah superthrive is not a nutrient. its more of a supplement. You need to give that plant some nitrogen. I would go out and get FF Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. those two will really help your plant thrive. Right now its not looking like it will produce much bud at all. shes hungry, feed her.
  3. ok man will do. Thanks for the help!!

  4. no problemo...and just so you know. start FF nutrients at 25% then work up from there.
  5. what do you mean by starting at 25%?
  6. 1/4 of the suggested formula. ie. say it tells you to use 4 tsp per gallon then only use 1 tsp per gallon.
  7. aaahhh gotcha! thanks!
  8. Interested to see what kind of yield you get and how quickly it buds up so i'm strappin in lookin good.
  9. Do you use grow big throughout the whole process? And when should we start the tiger bloom?
  10. where did you buy it? My hydro store gave me a feeding chart.
  11. Just a local grow shop. I'll see if I can pick up a chart next time I stop by. Thanks!
  12. np man good luck! I'm subd in
  13. update on 11/3/10
    producing some real nice looking buds. The other plant flowering is the northern lights and the 2 on the top are chem dawg. we just topped one of the chem dawg, pics coming soon on that.
    so excited!! haha

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  14. good lookin plants. how many days in 12/12?
  15. Thanks man!
    23 days, started october 11th with the flo.
    The northern lights just started 2 days ago.
  16. sweet so your doing a perpetual? me too. i have 3 shishkaberry that are 41 days into 12/12 and 14 that are 10 days or so into 12/12. I also have 11 or so more in veg. check out my journal, i have some nice bud porn around day 30 of 12/12.
  17. haha wow man thats sick! and I was literally looking at your grown journal right before i checked this again! yea you have a nice setup and your plants look sick!
  18. thanks bro. your set up is legit as well. Im sure your buds will be fat and plentiful.
  19. thanks man i hope they are! ill keep it updated!
  20. UPDATE 12/2/10: The flo is coming along nicely, and doesn't have alot longer to go!! The Northern Lights has changed a little bit since our last update :cool: . The Northern Lights has been flowering for about 3 weeks, its gonna start exploding soon!! Both of the Chem Dawgs have been topped now, and both have had spidermites but they are both rid of those little bastards now. Enjoy the pics

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