First grow...closet style haha would love advice!

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    Hey guys this is my first grow attempt. My roomates and I bought this clone from a dispensary here in CO, the strain is "flo". The guy we bought it from takes all of his clones straight from the mother plant as to not weaken the genetics. It is about 4 weeks old now. Right now we have a 100 W bulb in there with the light about 9 inches above the plant. Its looking pretty good!
    ANY advice is more than welcome were beginners!
    PICS below!

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  2. im no where near a pro at all, im only in flower in my first grow. But I was told to go to wal mart, and pick up a 3$ security blanket and replace the tin foil with that. Otherwise looks awesome!
  3. Not looking too bad, what kind of light are you using again? if its a cfl then it should be closer
  4. is it a 100w cfl? or 23w cfl 100w equivilant?
  5. we just put in a 43 watt flourescent with like 42 lumen per watt.

  6. that plant is going to need a lot more light. I would get 3 more of those 43w cfls if you want it to produce big buds. She already looks like she is stretching for more light. Hook it up brotha, she will return the favor. Also when your Flowering you want to run 2700k bulbs. 6500k for vegging.
  7. you want to keep cfls about 3-6 inches away if you have proper ventilation
  8. were goin supply shoppin tomorrow fellas!! gonna get more lights and some more soil and nutrients.
    Thanks for all the advice guys its appreciated!
  9. my grow started like that and now its killer, just keep improving and she will pay off in the long run. but hope it goes well.

  10. I vegged my plants 1-2" from my HO t-5s and they didnt show one sign of light burn or any other sort of discomfort. I do have very good ventilation though. The closer the light the better as long as your plants can take it.

    Shit i run My 400w HPS 6" from the tops of my flowering girls and they love being that close. I do know the exact temp at the top of my canopy and adjust my lighting according to the temp and how the plants respond.
  11. update: just started flowering yesterday. and set up another layer of the closet for our other plants. Here is the "flo". Got more light awhile back and got flowering nutrients last friday. Its lookin good!
    let me know how it looks and any advice

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  12. you want to get those CFLs closer. It WILL make a difference. other then that things are looking pretty good.
  13. Flo is a kickass strain, one of my favorites
    My advice is more light !!! and I would get rid of that cheesy extension cord for something sturdier. You got to respect electricity.
    Also make sure your closet is not leaking light into it during the dark period.
  14. so this is after one week of flowering, we just added superthrive and neem oil to prevent bugs. The bottom layer of leaves is rather yellow in comparison to the rest of the plant. What could be causing this? Pictures below. .

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  15. are you adding any nutrients? that yellowing and light green color looks like nitrogen deficiency.
  16. yea we are using Foxfarm liquid plant food - Big Bloom concentrate. and we just recently added superthrive as well
  17. did you ever give it any grow big? it needs some nitrogen.
  18. no, we havent given it grow big. the total nitrogen in our nutrients is .01%. coming from the foxfarm stuff. and then we have added superthrive too

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