First grow - Bottom fan leaves dying. need help

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I am a true beginner when it comes to growing. I know I am doing some things wrong, but for a first time trial grow I am doing alright!
    I found a seed in a bud and decided to plant it. Turns out I had some good luck because it is a female and seems relatively healthy. I am currently in the 2nd week of flower after 7 weeks of veg. There are currently pistols growing all over the place, but the bottom fan leaves are dying and nearly completely brown. I did plenty of trimming during veg, but have read not to trim during flower. My concern is that my plant will be sending energy and nutrients to try to recover those leaves and hinder the budding process. Should I remove the dying leaves? Take a look at the pictures, any help is appreciated.

    Additional grow info below:
    **Closet grow**
    - door stays slightly open for airflow
    300W LED light
    5 gallon bucket
    Organic potting soil
    - No additional nutrients used in flower.
    - used super thrive a few times in veg
    Half gallon of water every 3-4 days

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  2. use the current crappy leaves as a control point

    ..take and upload pix in good light

    if you suspect nute burn miss a few feeds

    next grow paint pot black to avoid light getting to roots

    keep a small fan on the leaves to remove 02 near the stomata

    see the veg times and flower times as 2 very different things to the plant

    veg is 'growth' and flower is seed making ..stop over thinking .

    to my profile for free weed books

    good luck

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