First grow. Barneys lsd, 250 watt cfl. Coco coir.

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  1. Hey:wave:,

    Im doing my first ever grow and decided to keep a journal. I spend most my days looking information up anyway:D. I have no experience in growing but have read up on it.
    Ok here is my setup:

    Seed: Feminised barneys Lsd
    Medium: Canna coco coir pro plus
    Lights: 250 watt cfl 18/6
    Nutrients: Sesi coco starter pack.
    Ph: 5.7

    The seedlings are 14 days old but looking very small. Not sure why. Im short on time so will have to turn them on 12/12 early. Im hoping they start to grow faster in the next week.

    Here are some pics of plants and setup. The leaves look nice and green but some of the coytledons have a yellow/brownish tip and dont look great. the roots are coming out from the bottom of the pot but think they are till too small to re-pot. Not sure though.

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  2. Hi:),
    Does anyone have any advice on when to re-pot these?
    They are tiny as well. Dont know why they are small. Any suggestions why?
    I only have 10 weeks left before i move out so im a little worried. I will probably have to move them on 12/12 very soon.
    Any advice is appreciated:).

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