First grow attempt - 250W HPS in a 4 X 2 tent!

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  1. I just received my new tent! (4 ft by 2 by 6 height)

    Still waiting for my new 250W HPS with Cooltube w/wings to arrive. Placed an order for seeds - in the meanwhile I'm going to start germinating 8 Reggie seeds I got (total) out of 2 dubs (20 sacks).





    Soaked the seeds for a half-day (yesterday) and planted them in the afternoon (also yesterday).

    I already have a plastic "greehouse" going - starting Impatiens, & some garden vegetables. The Reggie seeds are in the plastic seed-starting tray with organic soil, not in the Jiffy pellets.




    Hopefully my better seeds will get here safe & sound within a month or so. Until then I'm going to practice on the bagseeds. Once my beans get here I might move the bagseed plants (if any) outdoors - as the timing is good for NE USA grow.

    I'm using a double T8 (4 ft) to germinate the seeds. This has always worked great for me on non-hemp seed germination. As soon as the Cannabis seeds pop out of the soil I'm going to transplant them and get them under a good light in the tent.
  2. As I await the Reggie sprouts, I say "FUCK IT!" and took my chances in finding another seed or 2 in a decent bag, so got a dub of some locally grown Sour Diesel.



    No seeds in the bag, but I'm already buzzed nicely after just 2 hits from a metal pipe. Smoking Reggie for 3-4 days has lowered my tolerance. Now to pack a bowl and get toasted!
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    First update in 2 weeks.

    NONE of the original Reggie bagseed I planted germinated. The seeds were all duds. The Hydrofarm seed-greenhouse (heated) has an extremely high germination rate in my experience, yet not a single seed from that brickweed sprouted. I must admit, that was ASS weed schwagg so I'm not surprised.

    I was at my friend's place blazing up the other day and he gave me like 20 Reggie bagseeds from a known source. (we were smoking Sour Diesel -not the Regs LOL).

    Alas, 24 hours from when I first soaked the seeds, I have my first Cannabis sprout. Into the tent she went - along with the vegetable plants I'm vegging for my garden. (optimistically hoping its a SHE)

    Still don't have the HPS yet, I have a 125W CFL (6500K) in there for now. I'm happy with the growth on my Pepper & Cabbage plants in this tent, so lets see if the 420 plants will thrive equally well. :cool:


    I received a shipping confirmation from PLANET WAX ( that my order is on the way! Stealth all the way. I asked them to substitute another strain for BIG BUD, and they replaced it with MANGO. (anyone have experience with their MANGO?) Anyone know which original strain the guys at PLANET WAX used to produce their own MANGO seeds? (see below)

    Mango sweet tasting Marijuana Seeds
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    I have never grown Mango, but I have had the pleasure of smoking will like. :D:
    You may want to consider growing less plants in your tent...I have a 2x3x6 tent and 2 plants basically fill that sucker by the time flowering dont want to crowd them...especially under a 250 the future you may want to upgrade to 400 watts for your space.

    I'll be watching your progress, good luck to you.
  5. Thanks!

    I know it seems that I'm starting with a lot of seeds for my space, but I'd rather have too many plants than not enough. I can fit eight 3-gallon pots nicely in this tent (they actually hold 2.25 Gallons) so ultimately I'd like to have each one of those 8 spots occupied by a flowering female. I'll trim, crop, top, or whatever necessary to grow out those 8 females.

    I figure if I germinate about half of the first 55 seeds - say 20 germinate, say 10 of those are female...any extra females I will use either to reproduce seeds, give away, or move outdoors as the season is just about here in the NE USA.

    I'm trying to decide WHICH seeds to start with. I'll figure it out, but would love to hear other ideas. Thanks.
  6. I have a 125W CFL (6500K) in a 2 by 4 tent for now. This light has been vegging my vegetables nicely. I intend to add more lighting (flowering spectrum) once I switch to 12/12.

    I'm going to practice on this first batch of seeds, but I already know which plants I want to grow in the future - so I'm going to order the following from the Attitude:

    AK47 (Serious Seeds)
    Black Widow (Mr Nice Seeds)
    Jack The Ripper (TGA Subcool Seeds)
    White Russian (Serious Seeds)

    That's over $400 worth of prime genetics, so I want to have some experience under my belt before growing these legendary strains out.
  7. I now have a total of 4 Cannabis seedlings. The 1st bagseed sprout from Mexican brickweed & 2 more bagseeds from the same bag. Plus, I found a single bagseed in a Sour Diesel bud of primo smoke, and luckily it germinated! :wave:

    My order of 55 seeds from PLANET WAX should be here soon.

    Then I will start 5 seeds of each 1) Northern Lights (most recommended "first strain" I've found, 2) Mango (comparable to Big Bud but Fruity Juice type smell & taste), 3) White Rhino (should be very potent - I've read great reports about this seed shop's version of WR) & 4) Bubblegum - 45% Sativa, 55% Indica - this one should take a little longer to flower, but it will be a good introduction to Sativa genes in my plants before I start growing out my next strains (Black Widow (Mr Nice), AK47 (Serious), White Russian (Serious), Jack The Ripper) after this grow is all done.


  8. Yesterday I topped/fimmed my three 2-week old plants (seedling#4 didn't make it). I pinched off most of the new growth above the highest node. I took off more than 80%...probably like 95% or so. So this should work as a topping, maybe as a fim.

    Sour Diesel bagseed plant (before topping):

    Mexican bagseed plant #1 (before topping):

    Mexican bagseed plant #2 (before topping):

    All together (topped):
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    I just finished transplanting all 3 of my Cannabis plants.

    The Sour & the larger plant of the Mexi went into 3-Gallon pots (actual 2.?? gallons) and the runt Mexi plant went into a half-gallon growbag. I expect to finish in these size pots. I realize that I could get better yields if I use larger pots, but I'm just experimenting for now.

    These plants have now vegged about 2 weeks. I got most of my vegetables & garden plants out of the tent to make room for the SATIVA STRETCH! I'm going to let them veg for 1 more week so the roots can adjust to the new containers & the topping kicks in. I'll probably flower them at 3 weeks. They've been vegging for 24/7 since germination.

    At the moment I have just around 200 watts of CFL (6500K). I'm going to leave these bulbs in place and add another 200 watts of 2700K CFL lighting. I simply will NOT be able to pay for a HID at this time. (another reason why I've decided to go with a 3 week veg and 3 gallon pots).

    10 business days have passed since I received my shipping confirmation email from Planet Wax ( No sign of my 55 seeds (Mango, White Rhino, Bubblegum, Afghan, Northern Lights, & 5 free Royal Hash or NYC Diesel) and no letter from Customs either, so I continue to wait for these seeds.

    The other day, I won a Mr. Nice auction & sent cash to Shantibaba for 15 Black Widow seeds. Got a good price - 76 USD including shipping.

    Hopefully I will receive both seed orders - but having placed 2 orders I've kinda doubled my chances of receiving seeds in time to keep my tent full!

    Does anyone know if Mr Nice ships seeds from Switzerland or the Netherlands? I hope its Switzerland, as it would raise less suspicion.

  10. Someone to keep an eye on things...Mr tortoise..:D

  11. How many plants will you grow in the tent??

  12. I see you are using one of the big CFL's.
    Most of the people on here who use CFL's use the little ones.
    Mostly in the U.S. it seems.
    I have the 200w Dual Spectrum.
  13. My ultimate goal is to have 8 female plants flowering in this tent at all times. Exactly 8 3-gallon pots fit inside comfortably. That's why I decided to flip to 12/12 around 20 days or so.

    I'm going to set up a separate veg tent too.

    Just received some seeds & will post pics & info in my next update. :wave:
  14. The Sour Diesel turned out to be a male, so I chopped all 3 (the one Sour and the two Mexican) plants. Even if I had gotten a female out of one of the Mexi Sativa's, it wouldn't be worth keeping my entire tent in flowering mode for a bagseed plant of questionable potency that could take 14+ weeks to flower.

    My tent is now free, and I have 55 fresh seeds from (Planet Wax) and 30 seeds of top genetics on the way (Mr Nice's "Black Widow" & "Afghan Haze").:wave:

    Ending this journal and starting a new grow soon. Thanks guys...I'll continue to follow your posts in the meanwhile.
  15. I have a new grow in progress! (link in my sig)

    I'm taking on 8 strains! Join me!!!

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