first grow any help and advice would be appreciated

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  1. First grow here any tip or advice would be appreciated

    I am growing in coco and perlite
    For lights I have two mars 2 1200 led lights
    I have a 8 inch fan at 745cfms
    I am building a scrog net
    They are in a 4x4 tent

    Nutrients are
    Gh floranova grow
    Gh Dimond nectar
    Gh floraliouis plus
    Cal mag
    Water once a day
    Temps light on are around 80f
    Off they are around 68 70f
    Humidity is at 60 most of the time

    Had ph issue for a bit there think I got it under control ph at 5.8
    Tds meter says my ppms are at 500
    Oh the strains are girl scout cookies and Skywalker x g13 8 plants total but only planning on flowering 4 at a time

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