First Grow, almost ready! (I think?)

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    Hey GC!
    I've got three lovely ladies in my small closet. Running on three fixtures, all Fluorescent lights. And then there's one spot grow light on the side.
    This IS my first grow, and I've already learned loads from all of you amazing people on here, I seriously couldn't thank you enough!

    They're between 10th and 11th week of flowering right now. The side plants are small, but pretty dense and look more ready than the middle one.
    The middle one is about 3 1/2, to 4 feet tall. Just going by eye.

    I have a little microscope I got from radio shack, which would be this one: Carson MM-200 Carson Micromax LED 60X-100X LED Lighted Pocket Microscope: Camera & Photo

    It's a little hard to use because I have to keep it still to view the trichs, but it gets the work done :p

    From the looks of it, almost all of the trichs are cloudy, and a few are amber-ish.
    There are very, veryyyy few just clear ones.

    I figure another week for the two side plants and 2 weeks for the bigger one, what do YOU guys think?

    Also, if you guys need any more info just let me know and i'd be happy to provide it!


    EDIT: Also, just another thought, it's just some random bagseed I've collected over the previous few months

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  2. not ready wait 2 weeks
  3. bump, in hope of more detailed info lol
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    Wait till almost all the pistils have turned. Was it from indica or sativa bagseed. Knowing the strain will help decide when to pull
  5. no clue man, it's just some random seeds i had kept from various times i've smoked in the past. most of it was most likely just some middies seeds
  6. Ahh I see well she looks good.
  7. awesome! thanks for the feedback man
  8. Looks pretty! What soil did you use?
  9. Just some soil my old man gave me, pretty sure it's just from the back yard.
    And my nutes for vegging was some miracle grow. Then for flowering i've been using this fish emulsion stuff. Looks like it's working pretty good!

    Next trial, i'm going for the fox farm nutes and soil though ;]
  10. Give her another week my man! stop feeding that lady any nutrients, and give her a soil flush. You're almost there!
  11. Looks awesome. Bout where im at with mine :) Stay high bro
  12. Awesome! I'm so stoked, it's the first attempt I've ever had and I honestly didn't expect this result!
    I'll take some pictures tomorrow and put them up, then flush it for a week with bottled water and take some more a week later
  13. Can't wait to see some nugshots :)
  14. actually, phone is being shitty so I can't take any pictures atm, but it should be resolved before I pull em!
  15. I hope to see some pics soon bro! looks like its going to be a nice crop!:wave:
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    Alright guys, not the CLEAREST pictures in the world, but the best I could do with my replaced phone.
    6 days into my soil flush, and after today's light cycle, i'm turning the light timer off to let the girls sit in the darkness for 2-3 days to increase potency :]

    Pullin em up Wednesday evening, and manicuring them. So I should have more pics up by Thursday.


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    Lookin good bro im also finishin flowering got about 2-3 more weeks left

    Post your yield when your done and congrats

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