First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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  1. What dry weight did you end up with in the end?
  2. There still drying! Lol
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  3. Completely correct.
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  4. Don't forget to cure them in glass mason jars at about 67 percent humidity.
  5. That definantly works too. I like 67% myself but it requires more time. Your right on the money if your busy and don't want to have to worry about mold every two hours.
  6. Ok so today is day 11 since the chop. After a couple days I swapped back in the 6" extractor as humidity was crawling up. I've opend up the door of the tent abit more over the past week. I've also had a small fan blowing in the corner, I switched that for my bigger oscillating fan. A couple days ago I turned it to kedium power. Now there's a sway to the buds and hanging net.

    Most of the tiny stems snap a few bend and snap. The smaller bids from down the stork come away without leaving some stringy bit behind. Some of the bigger buds snap near the top, but mostly bending with a little crunch to some.
    But they don't reconstitute properly when I squish them abit. I've started thinking there just extra sticky :D.

    Anyway I rejared the popcorn last night, filled two half jars. And for the first time this morning they didn't clump together.
    I'm going to rejar the next size up medium buds I tried to rehgar the beginning of the week see how they do. Then if they dont so ill together I'll cut of the medium buds at the top of my drying rack and see how they jar.

    The hygrometer read 67 in the jar this morning, but;


    The small ones I bought the for the jars read 5% higher than my bigger ones that I've been useing in the tent. Do I average them out or assume the small cheap ones are off by 5%, meaning the humidity in jar is 62/63?
  7. I don't know, ive never dried for that long and don't use hydrometers except in the grow tent.
    I normally dry for 5 to 7 days and then into jars to cure. I'm interested to see how yours turn out after a longer dry and a cure.
  8. What temp/ humidity you at for a week dry?

    I was thinking about putting them in boxes in my tent speed it up. But read a lot about longer the dry better the quality, as long as you don't get mold.
    It must be nearly finished now anyway, felling abit dryer I guess and the humidity is at 53 atm which is its lowest since the chop.

    So the 4 jars I did yesterday. The popcorn read 65% and was clumped together! A little shake and they easily come apart so I'll leave em be and burp em daily. I had another half jar of popcorn that was the same(but no hygomoter)
    Te medium buds read 67% and didn't seem to stick so that's good.
    I'll look again later and see if any more can be jared.
    I want my tent back!!! Lol
  9. I generally start my cure earlier than most by the sounds of it. I wash my buds in Hydrogen peroxide at harvest so Mould is not normally a concern in drying and curing. I recon u would want ur tent back uve lost 2 weeks!

    heres me atm, net is 3.5 x 4 in a 4 x 4. 600w hid:
    2017-09-29 18.03.57.jpg 2017-09-29 18.04.25.jpg
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  10. Ok all jared up! All the little branches snapping and the biggens giving a little crunch when bent.
    3 humiditors in 3 random jars I'll see what the humidity says tomo.
    The 3 I left em in yesterday read 61/62/64% this morning.
    Haven't weighed it yet. Does it lose much more in the final weeks of curing?
    I'm eager to see the differences in quality in 2 week/month/& 3 month cure
    I've started smoking it already. It does the trick atm but smell and taste pretty non existent atm!
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  11. It shouldn't loose much, if any, weight in curing. Most people weigh before the cure.
    The cure should bring out the taste and smell but the smell also strain dependant. Some strains don't reek like others do.
  12. Sooooo! In the end I got 12 ounces. Yes I thought it would of been more. Going into this my expectations was 3/4 ounces a plant for a beginner. But as I put so much time and effort in, 10 week veg under a scrog I must admit I thought id hit the high end.

    Also during flower they smelt so good, touching a bud when I was inspecting trichs smelt amazing. Now after 11 day dry and 3 week cure the smell is ok at best. In the pot there's a smell, but if I take out individual buds there's barely a smell. And the smell that there is does not resemble the smell before I cut them at all.

    Those of you that have been following what do you recon I need to Do or did wrong. I had a few problems throughout I know but...
    Mainly I want dispensary quality and higher yields. Lol
  13. 10 to 12 is what I thought you may have pulled, so I think you did well at 12. If you had of vegged longer and filled the net and let it flower a bit longer that may have brought you up close to the pound mark which would of been really nice.
    If I pull 12 on my 3.5 x 4 net ill be pretty happy
  14. Cure takes a while your smell will develop it takes time
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  15. I ended up a tad over a pound. 313.7 grams from three Northern lights (plus a few grams given away) and 149 grams from the Strawberry Amnesia.
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  16. Nice grow for your first time man, be patient with the cure it should get much nicer over the coming weeks
  17. It did a bit, not too much though, even after a couple months.
    My last batch I'm still sampling. It was much better quality from the start, but again no too much noticeable difference from say 10 days - 4 weeks.

    Still on the gigantic learning curve that is growing. I think I need to grow a strain I'm familiar with, like lemon lol. And see what I can make of it.

    I want to, no I need to, grow dispensery quality. !..
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    Curing starts with proper drying.
    Took me years to get it right and 4 weeks wont make a great cure. Its simply not long enough.

    I dry on the plant or as much as a limb as I can (takes longer, longer = better) with just the large fan leaves removed and u can leave them on. In the dark where possible with air movement in the room but not on the buds
    Takes about 6-14 days (10 would be a good avg without any proper temp and humidity controls where I live).You want the outside suger leaves crispy but the bud still has some sponginess to it. Trim up and throw in jars that have a humidity gauge in them. Wait two or three days and check the humidity. Its usually high. So into paper bags for 24hrs or less and back into jars. Check in two or three days and "fiddle" with them until the humidity is stable in the jars at close to 62%. Insert Boveda packs and store for at least 3 months.
    To get a good consistent cure takes patience and time and a few fails. Its a bit of an art.
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