First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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    Hi all thanks for stopping by..

    This will be my attempt at my first grow. Been smoking half my life and have always wanted to give it a go. I got some space and a budget so here I am starting out (well atleast trying) as grower!
    My limited "knowledge" comes from mainly, you tube and of course these fantastic forums..

    My setup;

    1.2 x 1.2 x 2m lighthouse grow tent
    Lumatek dimmable electronic ballast with 660w super lumens
    600w mh
    600w hps lumii sun blaster
    (mh for veg then I'll switch over for flower)
    Carbon filter
    3" inline fan
    5" exhaust fan
    reflector hood (so it can be vented)
    Oscillating 6 & 8 " fans

    Bio buzz LIGHT mix soil
    Extra Perlite (mixed 10ltrs into 100ltrs, but soil already contained perlite)
    30 ltr fabric pots ( not fully filled as altogether I have 110ltrs of medium)

    Fox farms trio for soil (grow big, tiger bloom, Big bloom).. I plan to start 1/4 strength after a few weeks.?.

    Also got some cal-mag if needed

    I also bought 2 scrog nets.

    My plan is to veg for 5/6 weeks, then flower for up to 9. I'm going to top the plants 1 time.?. I'm going to try my hand at lst and maybe supercrop. And then when flower starts I'll try setup the scrog.

    I plan to update frequently for any advice and tips I can get. So hopefully my first grow can be a success.

    Thanks again!
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  2. Temps & humidity


    The temp you see atm (26.9) is the temps with the tent open, I leave it open when lights on and I'm home.

    And of course the lows and highs are day/night closed up.

    The temps normally sit around 30. But sometimes do jump to 31/32.
    The humidity is always low normally around 30. It goes up when lights are out. I have put A bowel of water which helps by about 5%.

    So I'm normally around 30/35 humidity and 30 degrees C (I think that's 90 in F)

    I have already gone over budget so cannot afford anything else in ways of humidifier / AC etc. I know summers coming (if you can even call it summer, UK) so when I get paid next I will buy another 5" fan just to cool the light as I know temps need to be lower for flower..
  3. You'll be able to veg those 4 plants just fine. But you don't have enough wattage of flower lighting or space in your tent to handle 4 plants or a SCROG. The SCROG actually will fill a lot of space over the entire flowering cycle. If you give a plant the light it needs to get it to really grow (the most important equipment you own in the indoor grow is the lighting you flower with), a single plant will fill up a pretty good size screen before you know it. You definitely don't have enough sq. footage to do 4. This is just advise and opinion, but since you are just starting out, keep it as simple as possible. Soil, water and light....emphasis being on light. Too many new growers get hung up on nutes and think you can't grow out a nice plant and get a good harvest unless you pour your plant full of the stuff. That's just not the case. Until your plant has a chance to grow and mature a LOT, it's really not going to need much in the way of nutrients and giving them before needed will just burn your plant. A good quality grow soil will get the job done without extra nutes and simply repotting a hungry (which usually goes along with being root bound) plant into a slightly larger container with some fresh soil. A batch of fresh soil is loaded with nutes and will feed the average plant for weeks before it needs more. But if you want to flower off 4 plants at once, you'll definitely need more flower lighting...probably 2 of the 600's. Flowering more plants with a lamp than the lamp can support just leaves you with lanky thin and stretched plants with a lot of underdeveloped buds. You would likely get the greatest yield by simply flowering one plant under that lamp. You can always harvest more from a single plant by giving it the most wattage/best quality flower lighting and giving it plenty of space to spread so light can penetrate the plant and develop out the buds deep inside. Crowding several together under a lamp is just going to shade out growth on all of them and you pretty much end up with decent tops and nothing else. To get the best yield from one, you want to develop out all the buds, top to bottom, and the only way to do that is by really going overkill on the flower lighting. With light comes heat too and I'm not sure those fans are large enough to get the job done, but you'll just have to set it up and see how it works. Your temps need to be no higher than the mid least not much. Heat is one thing that will kill these plants fast. So you need to keep big time airflow going around your plants 24 hrs a day...keep those suckers moving around. This exercises your plants and makes them stronger and disperses heat from the lights. MH and HPS are HOT, so you need big air movement going to move that heat around so you don't burn the plants with the lights. I could sit here and rattle off all day...but I'll stop. Read up on caring for the plant and on using the lighting you have to your advantage. More plants doesn't necessarily mean more at harvest unless you have the light to support ALL the plants you flower and the space for each to grow. Best of luck. Hey...if I can learn to do this, anybody can! TWW
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  4. Thanks TWW you've given me a lot to think about and consider. Im pretty sure I've read a 600w light is optimal for the 4x4 space I have but I guess I didn't put much thought into how many. I thought 4 was a nice start with 150w per plant :mellow:
    I guess I have over a month to learn more and to reevaluate how many go into flower.
  5. How the inside looks;

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  6. Seedlings 1 week! Added abit more soil to the tops to shorten the stem. Maybe a little more needed when I transplant. But for now I'm happy, they looking good and growing fast. And all though I know your not ment to pick favourites, my baby in the bottom right <3

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  7. I have 3 plants growing in a tent nearly half that size. I was also advised this was too many which is correct, but it's not going to stop you from getting some nice bud from them. It's just not the best conditions but like the widow white says you want to keep it simple while you learn. I'm still new to it and I think the forum is great for advice, I'm on my 4th grow and still a total newb and learning more each week.

    Good luck, I've subscribed
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  8. Here's mine at a week [​IMG] again at a month [​IMG] my first time growing thc bomb

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  9. I'm a newbie but I have the same size tent and have 4 plants at the moment with loads of room...could easy get more in...maybe it depends on your grow methods but I'm sure you will be fine...
  10. Yes I think I'm going to keep the 4 all the way through. I read a lot on growweedeasy, they say the set up I have depending on experience could yeild between 10-21 ounces. Any of which I'll be very happy with, I'm just looking forward to the smoke:passing-joint:

    Stoner719 that's awsome, same strain! :D
    Looks very healthy, have you done anything like top or lst?
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  11. No just seems like it's a wide bushy plant naturally ... under a 600 watt hps i would be happy with 3-4 oz plants or 12 -16 oz total dry so it seems like you're yield expectations are reasonable enough LOL .... this THC bomb it's supposed to be a heavy yielder I guess we'll find out haha. Im going to transplant mine in the next couple days take a couple cuts and flower when cuts are rooted .... I hope this thc bomb turns out to be some fire for us ...fingers crossed

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  12. Here is a picture of my main 2 babies....I've mainly had a 600w led throughout my grow and my tent is 1m x 1m x2m..I'm growing in soil...this is my first grow...

    Cherry bomb

    Purple kush
  13. Stoner19 here's to hoping

    And Sacha some nice lst right there. I like the clips on the sides of the pots, that's what I was thinking of doin too.. I look forward to seeing that purple kush when its done!..
  14. Right so today I check inside the pots and see it's time to transplant..

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I also moved the lights closer abit more that I was planning because I think I noticed them stretching slightly again.


    I also added another fan today( the 6" at the back). The white is 8/10" and oscillates, but the black is stationary.

    My humidity was just shy of 50% today which is the highest I've managed. I don't know if was because the extra fan, or because I transplanted and watered. But I'm hoping it's because I added this, my poor mans humidifier;


    Just a towel dangling in a bowel of water :biggrin:

    Also after transplant and water they started dropping abit, the only time I've seen then droop so far. But I'm just going to put that down to the transplant and my manhandeling of there tender parts....
  15. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I don't know if you can notice but the top left plant ( the bottom in the solo pics) is going ever so slightly lighter. Is this the beginning of a deficiency? Anything to worry about?
    I planted the seeds after they germinated on the 12th, they have been in the party cup until today. I'm useing bio bizz part mix, and wasn't planning on starting with nutes until Atleast week 3?
  16. I have the same humidifier lol

    I love the clips can move them round to where I want and take them off whenever...just got em cheap off eBay and string what I like to use because it's super soft....

    In the beginning I watered mine too soon but then I also realised that cherry bomb always droops a bit after watering...just the way she rolls. I check pot weight to determine if they need a drink now and they was going ssssooo long between feed until about a week ago...

    Everything seems so slow in the beginning and then they are suddenly the size of mine
  17. Thc bomb is delicious

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  18. I will say that i think you should be watering the entire pot not just the middle like shown in the pictures above. Water it like there is a tree in it. Maybe 3-3.5 liters.
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  19. You must be retarded
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