First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

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  1. Id be afraid of vibration in the tent or is it pretty still
  2. I'll try with the stuff I ordered. If that don't work I'll cut my losses, close my eyes on payday and shell out for something silent..
  3. Get the prime trial and then cancel before its over then when it ends its only like 12$ a month
  4. No vibration or rattling attall. Just the actual fan. I've even had to tape up round the edges because where the two halves of the fan is screwd together, air seepes through a couple spots.
  5. Lol yeah I did that with the U.K. One. But prime didn't work when I logged into .com one. I guess they won't deliver biggish items over sea for free.
  6. Thats some bullshit id complain to amazon customer service
  7. They will pay for the ship
  8. Tbh i can't be arsed. It's a hassle for me to get things delivered and can rarely get things delivered to my house, unless I have exact date and time which I'm normally not prepared to pay for.

    It's loud but it's very powerful. If the silencing works it'll be good. I'm planning on adding a veg tent to he mix sooner or later and think this will be ok to vent both..
  9. Went to rearrange my tent today, ended up being a nightmare. I got all clustered and even broke my hood. My lights ended up being off for 2 hours with my plants outside my tent whilst I tried to rearrange a few things. I hope this won't have any negative affects?
    Tommorow I'll take a trip my hydro store and pickup a 6" cool tube to replace my hood. Also some new dictin. I moved it to the other side of my tent which meant I can see it from the side, for some reason it looked like this;


    I'm not sure why :/

    Anyway tommorow I'll try again and post some pics of all goes well...
  10. Your in veg it was just a cloudy day
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  11. Ok ok so I think I'm gonna put the net up today. But now thinking maybe I will try some minor super cropping to get it to start off level. The plants have 4-6 nodes that are shooting up so I'm thinking of bending them over where the lines are;

    What you think? Also should I put the net up as soon as I've bent them and let them heal up into the net?
  12. Supercroppin is more of level canopy training without the net. Not to say you cant supercrop and scrog but the idea is to bend the branches at even levels to promote a level canopy. So after youhave topped youll notice more branches growing out and then curving up when the the growth exceedes the level you wish to maintain level at then you supercrop.

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  13. Try to keep your supercropping in a pattern that allows other branches below to get as much light as all the others

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  14. Yo untill recently I thought it was just a way to improve yields by creating the super highways I had no idea it was used as a levering technique too!
    I watch a few videoes, one the other day where they let em veg up tall, then crop em down under the a scrig net. Was two beasts, he had to use pliers to super crop cause they were thick as fuck lol.

    Been fucking about trying to help cool today. Got a cool tube (lumii aero tube) and shortend all the duct. Trust few problems cropping up.
    Tommorow i think I will try and bend them slightly as I showed.
  15. You gotta make them break dont use pliers if its too bad of a break use tape and give it like a week.

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    Lol there not that thick, fingers will be fine. It's just the top 4 feel like if I bend them down they could snap, also I wouldn't mind giving em a little for those extra highways..

    Is there a preferable time, like before watering after watering?
  17. image.jpeg I dropped some duct and it fell on top one of my plants. Snapped of one side so I decided to top it...

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  18. I dont think it matters pinch and twist to soften the stalk
  19. Changed some things since my last update. Changed the top to filter - light - fan. And changed the hood to a cool tube. At the bottom I've proped the pots up to sit just above the trays to make it easy to take away water. I've changed the intake to 5" 190 cfm fan and as you can see added a cheap scrog net.


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