first grow, 6 600wattt 30 plants

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    started this log a little late, but better late than never.

    So this is my first and grow everything is going a little crazy. First noise problems, than heat problems and now i think im sitting good! I have a 10x10 room, i run a Panasonic whisperline 470cfm 8" inline fan and 6 600watt lights. The average temp of the room right now is 81, sometimes lower at night. The fan/filter is not currently hung, but it will be shortly.

    im using coco and now house and garden nutrients

    the first pic is how the room was set up before i changed it because of heat problems, 3 rows of 2 with way to much duct work. Also shows plants when young

    2nd pic is the little guys

    3rd picture will move onto the present Fan set up

    4th pic shows the duct layout after the fan

    5th pic shows the babies more grown up

    6th pic shows maybe i have been topping to much? these things are bushes.

    thanks for checking me out, im sure i will need your help! :smoke::smoke:

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  2. pics didn't come through
  3. got it figured out haha, but the 3rd pic should be the second to last last pic.

    Just want to get this in its own section so people will see it... Is it okay to switch nutrients 2 weeks before flowering? Should i flush before changing?

    also, am i topping to much? (last pic)

    thank ya thank ya!
  4. You can never top "too much" its just up to the grower when its to much but it looks fine to me. also i dont think this is your 1st grow, but looking good. I cant wait to rebuild my flowering room to fit 8 400 watt hps/mh. Right now it only fits 5 400 watt hps/mh.
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    defiantly my first grow :confused: , i guess i will take that as a compliment :smoke:. Im literally finding everything out as i go,all sorts of design flaws, running out of nutrients, heat problems ect. i feel bad because the whole time these things have been vegging i have been moving them around working around them. But the room is nearly dialed should be good for flowering. im thinking maybe one more 4" intake fan after this go around, or something because right now there is no intake besides the crack under the door.

    and i was mainly asking about topping because i look at some peoples plants on here with giant buds, but the plants are all pretty tall. I was topping the plants because a friend told me to, without really knowing what it was doing :smoke: now all my plants are pretty short, but bushy. Will they still get taller in veg? and will i still get nice big buds?

    also maybe another dumb question, but why do some plants have huge stals and some with smaller stalks? does the base stalk size determine bud size/density

    also i have no PH tester.. yes im a idiot for that, hopefully i can get one this weekend. I have just been wingin it lol.

    But besides this room, captain morgans private stock is my favorite rum out. sweet screen name man
  6. beautiful man! im hoping to do something similar. going to do just 4 600watts my first run though. about how much do you figure youve invested so far?
  7. its actually been pretty affordable, I just surfed ebay and found some really good deals. I spent about 2000 for equipment, with bulbs being the most expensive part. Now that its built, nutrients are getting all my money, this organic line has like 8 you need and they are all expensive. =/
  8. Wow, I wish I was able to use that much space. Looks good man. Ima stay around, see how everything turns out.
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    damn after seeing these pics i think its time for a update as soon as the lights come on. Babies are in day 2 of flowering now, about double the size. I ended up really needing a ph meter (nute lock out), and switched from organic to house and garden synthetic and the plants are loving it!

    ill post pics tonight. but the whole 10x10 foot room is full now, im not sure if i just go for whats on the top of the canopy or try and trim some of these bushes down so the light can penetrate?
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    Yo check out plantmax bulbs for cheap quality bulbs for sure. I ordered mine straight off amazon for dirt cheap.

    [ame=] Plantmax 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS Light Bulb: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    You will want to change out your bulbs after each grow to keep them putting out the correct lumens and these are a great affordable way to do that. Looks good so far bro!
  11. woot sorry for no updates, here they are 5 weeks into flower getting HUUUGE :hello::hello::smoke::smoke:

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