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  1. OK. First ever grow. Here's the specs:

    400 Watt HPS Light (

    5x Feminized Easy Ryder

    Grow Medium--
    2gal Grow Bags


    100% Organic Garden Soil (No Name Brand, got from Wal Mart)The seeds are in 5 seperate solo cups right now and are sitting about 4-5 inches below a 8bulb T5 Light fixture in my friends closet. They will be transplanted to my closet, and put under a 400watt HPS sometime next week.

    Here are some pics of the current setup:


    The bigger pot is some basic schwag (regs), but its a female and is slowly showing pistols. We haven't used any nutrients at all and have been watering it with tap water. Hows it look?


    The 5 easy ryder's are in the red solo cups, we have them as close as possible.


    Heres some more schwag


    Again the red solos are the easy ryders, Any input?

    I'm ultimately going to transfer my 5x Easy Ryders to a the 2Gal Grow Bags I got. I'm going to line my closet with mylar and throw the 400hps in there OR build a growbox/cab type of deal in my closet.. we'll see.

    This is my first grow some hopefully i dont fuck shit up?

    Some more questions:

    What nutrients should I invest in for AutoFlowering such as Easy Ryder?

    When should I use the nutrients?

    How many times per day should I Water?

    Any other tips are greatly appreciated.

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